Saturday, August 13, 2022
getting through weekdays

Are We Living For The Weekend?

Little ways to get over weekday blues Our life mostly comprises of weeks with brief intervals of weekends. The...
Leader or follower quiz

What’s Your Work Style?

Are you a leader or a follower? find out with this quiz!

Freelance At A Glance

The era of depending on recruiters for job opportunities is long gone. Stepping ahead the yesteryears, the employers today only want you and your...

Personality Development: The key to acing an interview

Education is a continuous process which aims to prepare a person to play his role as an enlightened member of the society. In other...
money from home

Best Online Work Ideas While Working A Full-Time Job

In a world increasingly turning to online solutions, working online is a brilliant move - it's full of opportunities, knowledge, and it gives you...
first job after graduation

How To Find Your First Job After Graduation

If you’re someone who’ve just graduated college, you’d know the pain in the pit of your stomach that comes at the thought of embarking...
career in media and entertainment

Careers In Media And Entertainment: What Should You Know?

Recently an interesting webinar was conducted by Whistling Woods International in collaboration with the Edutainment Show. Having always been intrigued by the...
sporting events at work

Bringing Employees Together With Sporting Events

Building a sense of cohesion within their team is something a lot of businesses are trying to achieve. Some will invest thousands...

5 Important Factors That May Lead To An Unsuccessful Interview

There are a number of factors that contribute to an unsuccessful interview, and it’s not hard to beat yourself up about it. However, the...
company building-min

5 Tips To Choose The Right Company To Further Your Career

Are you about to change your current job? It may not even be for the first time. Assume your current position is fairly safe,...