Freelance At A Glance


The era of depending on recruiters for job opportunities is long gone. Stepping ahead the yesteryears, the employers today only want you and your valued skill. The skill set and creativity holds more importance, than the time commitment to sit in the office and act dedicating. The offspring of this much-needed idea is Freelancing as a profession.

It’s everyone’s dream job to get paid working at home according to their own time and comfort. . However due to the secured nature of some works, freelancing in fields of banking and government sectors is mostly unconsidered. To its polar end, the tech, media and entertainment industry is highly considerate to freelancers. They want the skill to work on its own rules, at its own comfort and at its own pace meeting the contract and deadlines.

Here’s a list of top 10 sites that can offer you freelancing jobs at your fingertips.


Much of the demanded portfolios incline towards the tech related jobs. It is mostly used and sought after website for aspiring freelancers. The highly competitive nature makes it an ordeal for some freelancers to prove their ability.


Upwork is the largest web portal for freelancers. A merger of Odesk and Elance has more active users than any other job search engine. One can explore a wide variety of opportunities relating to marketing, sales, designing and editing etc. The types are further subdivided into short-term jobs, long-term jobs, hourly basis and per-project entry level system.


Talented freelancers are always welcomed the doorsteps of Toptal. Initially  it performs an online screening over English speaking skills and technical knowledge of the applicant. Only 3% applications are accepted into the Toptal community and are mainly for tech related jobs.


Guru had a 2001 inception into the market and today it enjoys a credit of over $1 million jobs and a $200 million pay-out for the wide variety of jobs that it links up to. The nature being mostly tech related it is suitable for designers and web developers. The added advantage being you can add previous earnings, client reviews, acquired skills and field experience which helps you get a better deal further.


GetACoder links to millions of small scale projects.  It mainly welcomes freelancers who are writers, programmers, and web-designers and developers.

College Recruiters

‘College Recruiters’ has  gained the fame for recruiting fresh and raw talent that are basically college graduates and fresher’s . It  provides part-time as well as full-time work and in a flex.  It is a great website to get started with freelancing during college days.


99designs is a platform  that allows designers to compete amongst themselves and get feedback from the clients.    It allows the clients to choose the best project.

Authentic Jobs

This filters freelancing jobs, full-time jobs and  contract based that matches your profile. Authentic Jobs provides a list of companies from around the world. It has a vast reach across the globe. It has listings for the posts of project managers, web designers, backend developers, designers and content writers.

Pro-blogger jobs

Pro-blogger Jobs has freelancing projects only for writers and bloggers. It provides a platform to fresher’s as well.  Since it is solely for bloggers, editors and writers, applicants are expected to have the basic knowledge of language, grammar, research and WordPress.


Crowded aims to its objectives of fixing the supply and demand problem of labor with freelance job opportunities. By pulling freelancers’ posts magnetizing several platforms helping its availability to its freelancers.

Freelancing has become  a budding profession. Its growing popularity has indicated a rightward shift in  the pay scale and career options for the youth.    Freelancing is also becoming a stepping stone for one to excel in his area of interest.


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