5 Tips To Choose The Right Company To Further Your Career

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Are you about to change your current job? It may not even be for the first time. Assume your current position is fairly safe, but you still feel like something is blocking your personal or professional development. Even for reasons aren’t that serious, you may sometimes feel the urge to change the environment to breathe more freely, so to speak. Or maybe even to try something new –

How to Plan Your Approach

There is a great variety of available career choices on the market, so probably the very first advice will be:

Don’t be shy to ask for expert assignment help in finding the right career.

Many consulting companies today specialize in assisting their clients with choosing a career and may be of very good use for a certain fee in exchange. Choosing a career may also take a very long time. If your job brings you at least something, there are no apparent signs of trouble in business, no one has an intention to fire you right now, and everything else is fairly stable, in that case –

Don’t rush

Don’t make your current employers nervous by signalling them straight away what you are up to, otherwise, they’ll instantly see you as an outsider and start looking for a replacement. One day your boss might just tell you that it is already time for you to go, and you are not ready yet. You won’t even see it coming. Quit your current job when you already have a new position secured.

If everything up to this point is okay, here are more useful tips on how to choose a new company to work for. But first – a few words about situations when quitting is not an option, because that may keep you from making a wrong choice.

When Quitting Is Not an Option

Broadly speaking, all job positions in any company may be divided into four categories:

  1. An apprentice – an employee who has just been hired
  2. An executive – an employee with an expertise to perform a certain job
  3. A supervisor – a manager responsible for the job done by people under his/her command
  4. An expert – a top-manager responsible for strategic development of a certain business area

Such very limited number of career stages is not good for employees because they get stuck at each of the stages for many years, only their salary slightly increases. Normally, it takes about 10 years to get from the first to the fourth stage. Although people may have an illusion of making a career, in reality, they are moving only in a horizontal plane and are losing their ability to climb upward. With that in mind –

Don’t aim for the same position

It is better to stay where you are and just do your job better because switching jobs all the time will never get you higher. It takes about 2-3 years to see clearly whether you’ve already reached the “ceiling” of your current development opportunities, and if that is the case, don’t try the same again in a new place.

When It May Be Worth It

Most people are looking for a well-paid job in a stable company. There are some vacancies of that kind, but they are really scarce. The contest is tough. Many candidates like you fighting for the same job, but it may be worth it. Business titans don’t get drowned in a moment, so it may be said that if not the bright future, then at least the bright present is guaranteed for their employees. So other things being equal

Choose a company in the bigger segment

But even before that, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions first – just to be sure you are up to what you aim for and really want that. The University of Kent distinguishes 4 main stages of choosing a career, and self-awareness goes in the first place.  Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why do I need that job?
  2. What do you actually want (money? promotion? financial independence? confidence?)
  3. What career suits me?
  4. What are you ready to sacrifice for that?
  5. What do you want to do?
  6. What happens if you stay where you are?

Sometimes being off-balance is the only way to go further. Imagine yourself riding a Segway and its key principle: when you are in balance, you are not moving forward, backwards or anywhere!

 This gets us to the final, but from a certain point of view – probably the most important advice:

Listen to your heart

Hindu philosophy teaches that each of us has something buried deep inside. When awakened, it will make it possible to excel in what that person is destined for by the Universe. It was not a coincidence to mention the desire to try something completely different from the reasons to change your current job because you may and even should feel that desire sometimes. Think of something which excites or enlightens you. Maybe what you’ve been doing for your whole life is just not your thing? After all, money isn’t everything (although it does make a difference).





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