Cat Travel Essentials During A Vacationing

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Travelling with your cat can be challenging. Handling a cat while travelling is way different than handling them at home. Cats love the comfort of home and taking them for a vacation can create a lot of mental stress on them. Since the cat takes time to adjust himself to the new places, it may be difficult for you to manage them during vacations. 

Finding someone to take care of your cat when you want to go on vacation, it’s not easy. Suddenly, you may think of making your cat a travel companion. But Cats are not interested in rides or vacations. 

Despite the possible travel troubles, many cat owners prefer to travel with cats than leaving them alone at home. Travelling with your cat can quickly go from fun to stressful if you are not well prepared. You have to assemble some essentials if you have decided to travel with your cat. To make your journey easier on both, you need to assemble important accessories from PETstock Australia.

Here is a list of the must-have cat travel essentials during a vacation.

Cat Carrier:

Keeping your cat loose in the car is not a good idea. Cats don’t behave like dogs. Dogs stare out of the window while you are driving. Whereas cats can’t sit still, they will scratch your seat and dig their claws into it. A cat will create a lot of disturbance while you are driving and you definitely don’t want this to happen when you are driving 70 miles an hour down the highway.  

If you put your cat in a carrier, you and your cat definitely feel much more protected. Even on a short trip, the safest way to travel for your cat is in the cat carrier. 

Food and Water:

While travelling you can be happy, but your cat can’t be happy if she is hungry and thirsty. Make sure you pack enough food and water for your cat. 

Just because you are on vacation, it doesn’t mean you can change your cat’s diet. Otherwise, you will invite a whole lot of digestive troubles for your cat. It’s always been a good idea to carry sufficient supply from home for your entire trip.   

Water is essential while travelling. Cats need to drink at a regular interval throughout your trip. She may need more water if you are spending time in a warm climate. Make sure to carry bottled water for your cat, as tap water from another city can be hard on her tummy. 

Litter Box:

Cats are not trained to use the toilet of the hotel room. So you have to carry a bathroom facility with you of which she is habitual of. So instead of carrying a litter box, you can take a disposable cardboard version of the litter box which serves the same purpose. Make sure the box is waterproof. You can toss these disposable litter boxes after she has used them.   

Cats Bed:

Travelling to strange places can be very stressful even for the calmest cat. To make sure your cat adapted to the new environment you can bring some comfort of home on the trip. 

Make sure to bring along her favourite blanket and pillow. You can easily turn your cat carrier into a bed. Spread her favourite blanket at the bottom of the carrier so she can snuggle up inside. The familiar smell of the same bedding releases her stress.  

Medicine and First Aid Kit: 

Don’t forget to take all the medicine to keep your cat healthy and calm. That could be the regular medicine which is part of your cat’s regular daily dose.

It’s easy to forget the medicine that your cat takes, so make sure to throw these into your travelling bag while packing. Also, carry a first aid kit which is easily available at any large pet store.

The Bottom Line:

It’s very difficult to find someone who can take care of your cat when you are planning to go on vacation. Naturally, cats are terrible travel companion. Since cat likes the comfort of home, they don’t like to leave their territory.   

Unlike dogs, who are always excited about a car ride, cats are always uninterested in joyride. So before you take them on a trip, you must know what to pack to make your cats and your trips comfortable and happy.  

When you are planning for travelling along with your cat, make sure to make a travel checklist as well. This checklist will ensure that you don’t forget anything to keep your cat healthy and happy.  


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