Please Disturb – Extroverts At Work !


An extrovert is a friendly person who enjoys talking to and being with other people. Extroverts love parties, talking on the phone, and meeting new people.

Here are some great career options for extroverts –

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources equals to talking to people, understanding what they want and managing things in that particular manner. This isn’t an easy task, but for an extrovert, this can be it! Talking is always one of the best qualities of extroverts plus since they have all type of friends and have probably managed all kinds of problems for them so this is a lot like that. And they can talk anyone into doing anything, right?

Public Relations (PR)

Public Relation is again one of the best options for extroverts. This particularly requires the person to be in touch with all people from the media and being on good terms with them. Since they are promoting people and events it will help due to their great network of people. The person also has to manage and reach their client’s expectations. For an extrovert this is super easy and they love being around a lot of people.


No one and believe me, NO ONE can win an argument with an extrovert. They can make sense out of everything that comes out of their mouth. A good lawyer is one who wouldn’t let his/her client down. So, they would make a kick ass lawyers and can keep arguing in court.


An extrovert will make a fantastic teacher as they have amazing vocational skills. Handling kids can always be trouble but not with an extrovert. They know exactly what to say/do to make kids listen to them. This profession also requires the person to love their students and give them utmost importance. An extrovert will always be open to new ideas and will support the children in any way possible.

Event Planner

Event planning is an exhausting job. It requires a lot of running, coordinating, organizing and conversing with a lot of people – vendors, shop keepers, light men, etc. This is an opportunity for an extrovert to showcase most of his/ her talents for example, leadership skills, speaking skills, managing skills, etc.

Advertising and Sales

One of the major skills of extroverts is that they are really good at manipulating people into doing what THEY want. This quality of theirs helps them become the best salesperson and an advertising manager. Not just that, understanding client’s needs is also one of the important bits and an extrovert sees to it that they give complete client satisfaction.

Performance Artists

Extroverts tend to be great attention seekers and would love a fan following. They love the limelight. So, professions such as acting are perfect for these extroverts. Creativity also helps them become successful in the industry.

Hospitality and Service Industries

As said before, all professions that require great communication skills are great for extroverts. Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc are places where an extrovert will flourish. In this profession all they need to worry about is customer satisfaction. Taking care of your customer’s wishes and not letting them down is the main motto of these professions. The extrovert knows exactly how to do that as they understand and will do anything to make their customer happy.

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