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It’s the season to make a statement. Junisha Dama gives you a fashion challenge. Are you up for it?

Why should only women have fun with pink or turquoise? Men can wear them too. Pick one item from your outfit in a wild colour (e.g. red, aqua or yellow pants) and watch those heads turn while you look dashing. Tone down the rest of your outfit to retain balance.

Monteil & Munero – Rs. 1485

Marvel – Rs. 599

Wrap a scarf around your neck to give some style to a plain tee. Checks, stripes or plain – everything works. Just make sure you pick one in linen or cotton. Tie it loose and make sure it’s not the centrepiece of your ensemble. Sher Singh – Rs. 949

Tossido – Rs. 649

MURSE A man purse or a murse is something every guy shies away from. Grow a stubble, carry a murse and look rugged.

OTLS – Rs. 1499

Tumi – Rs. 5500

Make a statement with some jewellery. Wear metallic pieces, though only one metallic tone at a time. Gold and silver are favourites among men too and are best worn with clothes in similar colours.

Revv – Rs. 975

Svelte – Rs. 1399

Hats may have fallen out of style, but you can still look stylish in one. If you are full-faced, go for a hat that has a wide brim. If your face is thin, follow suit with a slim brim. Tilt the hat – they say seven degrees is the perfect hat angle to make you look dapper.

Jack & Jones – Rs. 1195

Alvaro Castagnino – Rs. 799

Clip-on, buttoned, thin width or a thick – there are various suspender styles that can be worn with a number of outfits. Try one with a pair of dress pants and a button down shirt, rugged jeans and a t-shirt, or with a pair of shorts. Accessorise with girly stuff to contrast the largely masculine suspenders.

Lino Perros – Rs. 795

American Apparel – Rs. 990


BAGGY PANTS How we wish we could wear pyjamas all day, right? Well, substitute them with baggy pants and still look your stylish best. The secret to pulling them off lies in the material and length you pick: if you are bottomheavy, go for a delicate material (not cotton) in full length.

Lamora – Rs. 799

Mineral – Rs. 1499

Spike neckpieces, bracelets, hair-bands and slippers – everything is in this season! Though spikes are not everyone’s cup of tea, you could still pull them off. Pair a spike bracelet with anything you like – yes, it’s that simple. The best part is that they are available in neon colours too, which are also so in this year.

Forever 21 – Rs. 1925

Karma Clothing – Rs. 503

Perfect for a semi-formal outing and even a casualdo. Shirt dresses are comfortable and trendy, and are definitely the new cool Sunday brunch dresses with a twist. Pair them with a belt or a sash and you’re good to go!

Zazzle – Rs. 1650

DKNY – Rs. 4950 Topshop – Rs. 3360

Forever associated with men, ties have never got a chance to be a part of a woman’s wardrobe. Make a difference by a wearing a tie for a presentation in college or wear it just for fun. Wear a skinny one loose, knotted above the breastbone. Tok Tok Designs – Rs. 219


Volume 3 Issue 1


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