Brag with a Bag


A Bag can be used for both utility and for style, guys, pick the bag that makes all the right statements for you


Messenger Bag
A medium-sized one shoulder bag, it makes it easy to carry things around and has become a common sight among urban youth crowds.

Fastract – Rs. 1745
French Connection – Rs. 2999
Pume – Rs. 3299


Gym Bag
Transforming the rudimentary multi-purpose gym bag into a style statement, many sporting goods companies have started manufacturing stylish gym bags.

Fastrack – Rs. 1945
Samsonite – Rs. 3900
Travel Blue – Rs. 1495

Yet to catch on as a popular choice, the murse is a fitting fashion statement for those men who can carry off a rugged look alongside a man-purse.

BED-STU Mader – Rs. 5000
Tumi – Rs. 5500
MZ Wallace – Rs. 2720

Satchel Bag
A seemingly smaller version of the messenger bag, a satchel is a great style statement in the right designs and is also a good utility product for carrying small items.

Baggit – Rs. 1550
US Polo Assn – Rs. 1999


The most selected bag option for men, the backpack has seen an increasing popularity as a style statement with interesting designs hitting the market.

Flying Machine – Rs. 1699
American Tourister – Rs. 1480
Wildcraft – Rs. 1495

A lesser picked bag among the urban male populace, the cloth jhola is a great fashion statement for those who can pull it off.

Giftpiper – Rs. 799
Indian Art – Rs. 252
Kritenya – Rs. 465


Volume 2 Issue 9


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