Borderlands 2


OVERVIEW: Action, game-play, fire and plunder, guns of the past along with breath-taking modifications add a dimension not conceivably attributed to the Borderlands brand, rendering it a must-have. Your vision of weaponry comes alive, spurting acid, missiles, and multiple grenades

PLOT: Pandora continues as do you, the secret vault-hunter. Not the best plot, but brewed with humour and unforgettable characters. The adversary, Handsome Jack, rules, even though Claptrap and Scooter are enhanced in the new format. Commando, Siren, Gunzerker, or Assassin – you choose your player.

GAMEPLAY: Oddly, menus are packed closely, on a PC packed with pixel strength. Combat is powerful, continual, and terminates in rubbish scattered through the combat zone. You find yourself overseeing your strengths, putting appropriate ones to use. A way to earn a key in-game would have been appreciated. The four modules come with extraordinary capabilities. Implementation has a lasting impression, Gearbox achieving its objective, if this was intended. Effortlessly include whichever Steam friends you want, making the game in progress more captivating; or link up with gamers who equate your level. Pillage is divisible among squad mates, just as you please. Polished and finished to the core, race into the more difficult levels. Defeated adversaries create pools of blood, while elements blow up persistently and the battleground is strewn with fragmented reminders of the violence that transpired. PhysX manages to impress in appearance, and makes wanting worthy.

FINAL VERDICT: Borderlands 2 is overwhelmingly laced, yet deficient in some parts, making it an irritation, at times. An amusement of continuing interest; with True Vault Hunter mode for the most hardcore player, and online co-op, this game will have us glued for quite some time in the future.


Volume 2 Issue 10


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