Body Language Hacks That Will Help You Get A Dream Job

Interview Body Language
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Droopy eyes, slouchy posture, constant fidgeting, talking too much, yawning, etc. are all actions that can seriously screw up your interview and ruin your chances of securing a job at a well-reputed company. Even though your answers to the questions might be right, if your body language disturbs the interviewer, you will definitely not make it.

So along with answering right, let us look at few body language hacks that will help you get a job you dream of

While answering, lean forward

Lean forward a bit towards the interview. Don’t lean in completely, though. Leaning slightly shows your interest, attention and participation in the interview. It shows your willingness to do put in efforts for this job.

Firm Handshake

Interview Body Language
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Some people shake hands very loosely. It doesn’t speak well of them. After you enter the interview room, you must introduce yourself and firmly shake hands with the interviewer. This shows that you are a confident individual who knows what he/she is doing. 

Look into the eyes and interact

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When you are answering the questions put forth by the interviewer, always look straight into his/her eyes and answer. Don’t look at the ceiling or at the ground. Always make eye contact. It again shows that you are confident and well prepared with your answers. When you make eye contact, you also come across as someone having good communication ethics. 

Be calm and sit straight

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Many people have the habit of fidgeting constantly. Agreed that interviews can get really daunting and make you nervous, but try not to let that be seen to the interview. While some just have a bad habit of fidgeting, some fidget when they get anxious. However, fidgeting can be very disturbing for the interview and it also indicates that you are a restless person. Companies don’t want people who are restless. This might also indicate that you won’t be able to work efficiently under pressure. So sit straight, breathe and stay calm.

Smile often and nod

Interview Body Language
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Keeping a straight and poker face while the interviewer is talking looks very bad. It conveys your lack of interest in what the interviewer is saying. You must remember to smile in the middle of your interactions. Not a bright one, but a soft smile looks pleasant and gives out a positive vibe. Besides smiling, also nod slightly to show that you are not just physically but also mentally present. It shows that you are a good listener, appreciative and approachable. 

Sit with an open posture

Interview Body Language
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Relax and sit. Keep yourself open. By this, I don’t mean to say to that sit with your hands and legs stretched, but don’t look rigid and stiff. You must not even sit with crossed arms over your chest. It shows that you are not open to new ideas and concepts, which is something you definitely don’t want to convey.

Though body language might not seem as relevant as other factors, it does have a major role to play in your overall assessment. It is the body language that shows you first to the interviewer even before you speak. 

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned hacks, you will have halfway made it to your dream job.  


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