Blue And Beyond – Kolkata (Per Person Rs. 700)


blue and beyond1

A change from the drab bars and dull meals, this rooftop restaurant offers a view of Kolkata in its entirety; drinks made to perfection, delicious food and a live violin in the background.
CUISINE: Continental, North Indian, Chinese
FOOD AND DRINK: Start with Makai Sheek Kabab, Stuffed Foccacia, Teriyaki Chicken or the Dewangi Platter. The Khawsueys are a special delight in vegetarian and chicken varieties. And of course, paneer, fish, prawn, biryanis and all the Indian food you could want are here too. Splits, tarts and fudges are only some of the dessert options. The variety of alcohol in the form of cocktails, hard drinks, beers, offered in bottles and glass, will make your mind boggle with indecision.
OVERALL: Along with an excellent meal, you will also have an enchanting time. The serene atmosphere and windy surrounding with the sky on top make for a promising time.
Hotel Lindsay, 8A & 8B, Lindsay Street, New Market Area, Kolkata –Trishann Henriques


Volume 4 Issue 6


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