Best Scuba Diving Destinations You Must Visit If You Love Life Underwater

Scuba Diving Destinations
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Blue waters have always been inviting to all, especially to those who love to take a swim wherever they go. Today, though every resort and hotels have their own swimming pools, there is no alternative to diving into natural waters. This is a truth no one can deny! If you truly wish to take a swim then you have to do it the right way by visiting the best scuba diving destinations in the world. 

Dive in to find out the best scuba diving destinations across the world. 


scuba diving destinations
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Underwater life in Mexico leaves all the scuba divers astonished. Mexico is one of the best scuba diving destinations to visit. Be it the west or the east side of Mexico, divers have plenty of options to choose from. Cozumel, Espirito Santo, Revillagigedo, Guadalupe, and Cenotes are some of the best places in Mexico to go scuba diving and see some of the best marine life existing in the world. 


scuba diving destinations
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This is one of the best scuba diving destinations in this whole wide world. The reason why this place is the best is because there are about 17500 islands across the area of  Indonesia. Indonesia contributes to about 76% of the world’s coral life. The islands are known for their spectacular fauna. Due to this, the waters of Indonesia are one of the most surreal creations of nature. Here you can visit Pulau Weh – Sumatra, Raja Ampat – Western Papua, Bali, Togian Islands, Bunaken Marine Park – Sulawesi, among many other places in Indonesia. 


scuba diving destinations
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You cannot think about scuba diving without considering the Philippines as an option. The Philippines is home to more than 7,107 islands and is ranked as no. 1 by travel and diving enthusiasts from across the world. This place is also known for its rich marine life that makes one feel in heaven the moment one dives in. Tubbataha Reef,  Malapascua, Anilao, Puerto Galera, Donsol, Dimakya Island are some of the places you can visit in the Philippines. 

The British Virgin Islands

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This is made up of a total of 60 islands out of which Tortola is the largest of all. Tortola island also happens to be the capital of the British Virgin Islands. The place offers to its tourists and divers, 75 dive sites to visit. Out of these 75 dive sites, some worth visiting are The Chikuzen, Dog Islands, RMS Rhone Marine Park, and Cooper Island. 


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Brazil is famous for a lot of things like national parks, monuments, dense forests, etc. It is also known for its absolute eye-pleasing cool blue waters. Brazil is a beautiful travel destination and you must definitely not miss out on the chance to jump into its waters. If you plan on going scuba diving in Brazil then Maragogi, Fernando De Noronha, Laje De Santos, Abrolhos Archipelago Islands, Victory 8B Wreck, Ilha Grande, and Recife are the best places to experience the thrill of scuba diving to the fullest. 


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This place holds one of the most crystal clear and clean waters and is made up of 155 islands. The best thing about going diving in Seychelles is that even an inexperienced person who doesn’t know diving can engage in this activity. Mahé, Brissare Rocks, South Marianne Island, and Aldabra are some of the best places to go diving in Seychelles. For beginners, St. Pierre is the best place to start with. 

The above mentioned are the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Its cool blue waters and the enchanting silence underwater is sure to release all your worldly tensions. So when are you plunging into the waters?  


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