Movies Every Dog Lover Should Watch


Bored of human love stories? Don’t forget our furry friends. Dogs are a man’s best friend and these are a few movies Moumita Chakraborty lists which confirm why their love is all you need.

Hachi- A Dog’s tale

This movie is a must watch for every dog lover. Every time you watch this movie, you will surely cry a bucket full of tears knowing that it is based on a real life story. Starring Richard Gere as a college professor who adopts an abandoned dog, Akita Inu. The family drama retells the story of how the faithful dog kept waiting for its master to return from the railway station for 10 years even after he had died.


Marley and Me

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, the movie is about a married couple who adopt a puppy named Marley who is very incorrigible and has to go through training. But due to his mischievous behaviour they plan to give it away. No sooner do they realise that Marley is an inevitable part of their life.

101 dalmatians

101 Dalmatians

The antagonist Cruella De Vil is the most hated person in the world who tries to catch Dalmatian puppies and use their pelts for manufacturing things of latest fashion. The story revolves around how the small puppies put Cruella in trouble, finally getting her arrested, proving that dogs aren’t less.

Eight Below

This movie is a gripping adventure drama starring Paul Walker that will have you crying and cheering at the same time while watching the pack of sled dogs that get caught in an Antarctic storm. The survival story of the dogs that do their best to stay alive out in the wild with three of their mates dying out; ‘Eight Below’ certainly deserves a watch.

A dog named christmas

A Dog named Christmas

Based on a book, this movie is a story about a protagonist who has a learning disability living with his parents in rural Midwest. Around Christmas they adopt a dog from a shelter where all the narrative takes place. This movie tells us why one must consider adopting a dog from a shelter rather than buying it from a breeder.


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