Best High Paying Side Jobs To Supplement Your Income

side jobs
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If you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to manage your finances a side job apart from your primary job might be a good idea. Apart from giving a boost to your income a side job adds to your credentials, developing different skills and enhancing your portfolio. A side job doesn’t necessarily have to be a minimum wage job. A side job is an opportunity for you to pursue your hobby or hone your passion.

The jobs can be very flexible from you becoming an Uber driver to a freelance writer. You don’t necessarily have to take up a traditional full-time position at the platform, rather, just pursue it in your spare time bolstering your resume and skills. 

A side job helps reduce your financial woes and potentially lets you convert your passion into profit. The side jobs can also act as a cushion in case of a pay cut or job loss.

Here’s a list of jobs that you could potentially pursue with your primary job:

Online Tutor

side jobs
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Online tutoring is a burgeoning industry not just in India but around the world. With a lot more students getting connected to the internet, online tutoring can actually be a well-paying job. Tutors on these platforms usually charge per hour and are able to schedule their lesson plans and classes according to their convenience in conversation with the student. Some famous platforms that connect these tutors to students are platforms like Superprof, Chegg Tutors or WizIQ. There exist a host of other platforms, some of which are customized for a particular audience or present a specific class of tutors. Tutors can charge what they believe is the ideal fee in regard to their popularity and their ratings. If you have the relevant qualifications in the field that you wish to tutor, signing up on these platforms is a relatively quick process and finding students isn’t terribly difficult. Across the world SAT prep tutoring, GRE prep tutoring, SOP tutoring and interview skills tutoring are also very lucrative streams.

Freelance Writer

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If you enjoy writing rather than finding it cumbersome, this might be your field. It is a great way to make your thoughts heard, work according to your schedule and choose what you’d like to write about. Freelance writing has now also become a legitimate career choice and can also be pursued as a full-time career. To get updates about available jobs, a candidate can register themselves on several platforms that may include but are not limited to LinkedIn, Freelance Jobs Online, HubPages and so on. Facebook might also be very helpful in this case, there are several groups where media companies post listings regularly and you can contact them with your CV and writing samples to get the job. Once you establish a regular interaction with a company you could schedule weekly or monthly payments.

App Developer

side jobs
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India has more than its fair share of engineers and developers. Apart from working their primary job, they can also help other projects. With the growing number of apps being developed every day, there is never a shortage of manpower. Linkedin, Naukri, Shine, and Indeed have regular postings for app developers. It might also help to look up college boards to help startups develop apps. This part-time job can be rewarding and seeing an app you develop succeed can be quite redeeming.

Music Teacher

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The music industry has always had a huge audience. From Youtube videos to books people are always looking for ways to learn. With the development of technology, online music classes have also become a trend. Physical classes are still sought after and this presents a lucrative opportunity for music enthusiasts. They could also hone their skills whilst sharing their abilities with students. For music aficionados, this would be less like a job and more like pursuing their hobby whilst earning money at the same time. Whilst listings in a local newspaper/ magazine and flyer can help reach out to prospective students for a music class, the best kind of outreach could also be through word of mouth.

Social Media Content Manager

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A social media manager plays an important role in almost every company now. As a social media manager, it is your duty to manage and maintain the social media presence of a company on social media platforms. You will also be responsible to reach out to your followers and increase your social media outreach. Working with the company you will be responsible to curate and publish content suiting the company’s needs. You will be able to work your own hours but make sure you finish your tasks.

Part-time side jobs don’t necessarily need to be treated as just another stream of income. To thrive in the new field you will also need to be passionate about the job even if it is not your primary field. Side jobs usually afford a lot of flexibility. You will probably end up working at a place and time of your convenience. Your only aim will be to finish assigned tasks and you won’t have specific time commitments unless you decide to set them. There are a lot of perks of a side job but be careful what you do and also be careful not to take up too much on your plate.


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