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career in music
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Are you passionate about music? Do you always find yourself humming to music? Do you get excited when you hear about the release of a new album? Are you the one who likes to dig deep in the technicalities of music? Then you must consider making a career in music. 

The music industry is immensely diverse and opens up many career options to choose from. Recognising its gradual and steady growth, many institutions across the world today are offering certified courses in music.

Given below are some of the best careers you can choose in the field of music: 

Music Journalist 

If you are always keen on keeping a track of all the new and upcoming songs, albums, concerts, etc, love to explore the various genres, are always up for learning about past events and history of music, then becoming a music journalist shouldn’t be a wrong decision. To become a music journalist you must also have the skill to write and communicate well as you will be expected to write articles, cover events and also conduct interviews.  

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Sound Designer 

Sound designing is all about obtaining sounds from various sources, mixing and creating new and different pieces of music. A sound designer can work for various mediums like television, theatre, concerts, filmmaking, sound recording, video game development, etc. To become a sound designer, you also need to have the technical knowledge of various equipment and software used to design sound. 

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Record Engineer 

In simple words, a recording engineer puts a proper structure to a song/music. He is the one who sets up the entire recording equipment. To become a sound engineer, one needs to be well versed with the technologies used for recording and mixing purpose. It is a recording engineer who records, edits, cuts, and mixes sound. He decides the volume, pitch, pace, rhythm, types of microphones to be used, for recording a song. A record engineer’s main workspace is a studio.

career in music
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Disc Jockey (DJ)

What better than playing tracks, grooving on those and also getting paid for it? Popularly known as a DJ, a disc jockey plays various recorded songs, mixes them, gives effects to those. A DJ must have a good understanding of what kind of music people like to groove on. With the culture of clubbing trending and international bands coming to India, electronic music is on the rise. This has opened up bright opportunities for all aspiring DJs. If you are one of them, what are you waiting for?

career in music
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Music Therapist

Music is said to heal people. It is believed to calm people undergoing stress and put them in a better state of mind. A music therapist strives to improve patients quality of life through music. Music therapy treats mental illness. Music therapists study the clients and based on the problem provide solutions which involve making them listen to music, play certain instruments, songwriting and other such similar music-based activities. To take up this profession, you will need psychology related degree and also a certificate in a music course.

career in music
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After reading this, if you feel drawn towards the idea of transforming your love for music into a career and are not aware of how to start, you need not worry. 

Your first step should be to start with the basic research about the universities that offer courses in music. Given below are some of the top colleges offering the best study in music:

  • Swarnabhoomi Academy Music, Chennai
  • The Juilliard School, New York
  • Curtis Institute of Music, Pennsylvania
  • Calcutta School of Music, Kolkatta
  • University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
  • Yale School Of Music, Connecticut

Lured aren’t you? 


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