3 Tips To Ensure Career Prospects Amid Covid-19

career prospects amid covid-19
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The corona crisis has caused people to become petrified as well as cause many to reevaluate their career plans. Having an optimistic outlook may be more beneficial, as opposed to thinking negatively about this situation. For instance, did you know that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, new online job opportunities have become available? If you are valued employee and possess skills that allow you to do your job well, there is nothing to really fret about as your job will most likely be safe. However, there are a couple of things you should consider in order to enhance and sharpen your skills to ensure your employment.  

It is indeed true that businesses are closing and as a result, people are either forced or strongly urged to work from home. Despite this drastic change, however, there is a bright side to all of this. Read on to learn about these three tips to boost your career prospects amid the corona crisis. 

1. Benjamin Gordon of West Palm Beach says to improve your online connections 

When working from home, it has proven to be advantageous to connect with peers and industry leaders through LinkedIn. It is imperative to actively connect with these people in order to gain more opportunities. Did you know that this LinkedIn is mandatory for professionals in all sectors and industries to increase the chances of getting better employment and garner additional skills? It is important to take advantage of resources such as LinkedIn Learning as well as making yourself available to multiple people, jobs and opportunities while using this social networking platform. 

According to Benjamin Gordon of West Palm Beach, it is necessary to develop connections actively by commenting on posts related to job and training skills in order to effectively create meaningful engagement. Human resource experts claim that this is the perfect time to build professional relationships to fight the pandemic and retains jobs. 

2. Consider mastering more skills to learn more 

The experts in the industry, usually entrepreneurs, suggest taking advantage of the lockdown period. They suggest utilizing free or paid online courses on reliable platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, FutureLearn, and more. For economic purposes, it is advised to stay away from resources that are expensive. 

There are a plethora of opportunities for developing new software or IT skills. It will help to keep your career on track amid the corona pandemic now as well as in the future when the lockdown is inevitably lifted. 

Though the hiring process may be a little slow for a couple of months, mastering new skills will prove to be invaluable as it will add value to your CV for future employment opportunities. 

3. Keep your CV updated 

career prospects
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It is imperative to keep your CV updated as well as your portfolio. Remember HR managers do not look at resumes that haven’t been updated for many months. Add the skills that you have recently acquired, any courses you have taken and don’t leave out any important details when updating your CV. 

In the case that you have lost your employment due to this pandemic, it is important to mention in the resume any efforts you are making to boost your career prospects through enhancing current skills. Additionally, if your job was not affected by the pandemic, it may be beneficial to delineate any growth you experience through your current job. Highlight your achievements even when you are working from home. 

Final words

Take stock of your career goals and focus on how to survive professionally amid the corona crisis. Learning and mastering new skills will help you maintain employment. 


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