Bamboozling R.D. National College


Serious F4 racing sways in this campus – Fun, Freedom of thought and  expression, Friendships, Fruity knowledge. Let’s get to know this family

What’s the History, Baby
The esteemed R.D. National College of Arts and Commerce & W.A. Science College, famously known as National college was established in Hyderabad in 1922, under the guidance of Rishi Dayaram Giduma and Annie Besant. After the Partition of India, it got repositioned to the funky location of Bandra west, Mumbai. The Hinduja Group had a premium hand in making this  esteemed building stand with its head  high. The college was built to cater to the educational needs of the Sindhi refugee community, and later the local
population joined the college.

Ambience – Best Hangout
‘Go green’ mantras are bombarded as one enters the huge green campus. The botany garden possesses almost every type of rare, exotic plant. Freshness from the oxygen emitted by the umpteen trees does freshen up students for the early morning lectures. The other wonderful thing is that the beautiful campus also acts as a park, and students get a chance to opt for oxygen-infusement sessions
rather than attending lectures. The auditorium is exquisitely welcoming.

‘Play the Game’
National’s dictum is “Play the Game”. This message does encourage an all-round development, and not solely academic rote learning. Sportsmanship is encouraged in this college. Football and basketball top the list. Many indulge in our national game, hockey, to show their support and motivate others to take part in it (which sadly isn’t in a good position in this country). Brain storming games are endless.

Social Empowerment
The college has taken several steps to spread social awareness and make this society a better, resourceful place. Yearly water, electricity saving campaigns, go-green, anti-drinking and anti-smoking campaigns are among the few social relevant campaigns taken up by them.

The wide range of courses right from graduation, postgraduation to MBA, the academics focuses on overall development. Practical studies are given as much significance as theoretical studies. The Honours Programme encourages students to research topics outside the curriculum. The mentor system has one teacher mentoring 20 students. A credit system encourages students to take
up extracurricular activities. There are also UGC-sponsored certificate
courses in Hindustani Classical Music, Heritage Management, Beauty Care and Finishing School lessons. The faculty is highly experienced and are like the students’ friends.

Frankies and varied ‘ jhakas’ dosas top the menu. The canteen walahs are buddies of several Nationalites. This college just resembles a big, fun family.
Lucrative assignments, discussions and healthy gossip also composite the canteen fragrance.

Blowfest Festivities and Cutting Chai
Hootings and whistlings topped with months of dedicated practice describe the annual fest of this college ‘Blowfest’. A series of celebration days prior to drama plays, fashion shows, exquisite dances, ad-mads, fine arts and plenty more fun events rejoice the Nationalites. The BMM fest ‘Cutting Chai’ with its massive level
of delivery leaves everybody jawdropped.





NDD – Nationalite Divas and Dudes
Fashion, trends, funkiness, boldness and hotness are soaked into the Nationalite blood. It is not hard to find young, dazzling gals ‘n’ guys. It has an esteemed celeb alumni, and blooms and blossoms bright minds every year.



Fun Nationalite Dialogues

‘What time is the lecture?’
‘So I won’t be around the classroom that time.’

‘Is the exam timetable put up?’
‘The exam is next week. Now it’s too soon for it to be out.’

‘I need to get working damn hard. Sleepless nights.
Nah, not for exams; Blowfest and Cutting Chai are coming up.’

Famous Alumni
Amjad Khan
Anil Ambani
Kiran Kumar
Javed Jaffrey
Prateik Babbar
Tamanna Bhatia


Volume 2 Issue 4


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