Are You Stresslaxing? Here’s What It Is And How You Can Stop It


Have you ever been so tired that you just needed a break? Being so exhausted and stressed about things that need to be done that you just need some time to relax. So, imagine you’re finally taking a break from all the stressful work, whatever it may be, and you sit down with your favorite comfort food to watch something on the TV when the feeling hits. Being stressed out for not working on the things that are stressing you out. How does this even happen? You’ve done the best you can, and you’re just taking some time out to relax. Feeling stressed out about pending work when you’re supposed to relax is what stresslaxing is. 

It sounds like a vicious cycle, and it really is. It is a state of restlessness where you simply can’t allow yourself to relax and it is a weird place to be in considering you’re neither relaxing nor working. But why does this happen? It comes from a place of anxiety and productivity conditioning where we let ourselves believe that we haven’t done enough to rest (even though we may have) and that we therefore should rather work than relax, even if it was only for some time.

During these times, it is important to remember that taking care of yourself is necessary. It is okay to not do something every second of the day, or every hour, or even every day! You are allowed to take breaks and you are allowed to let yourself rest. Why is it so important to rest? Our body can only recover and repair when we’re resting, so we have to give ourselves enough time to recharge. 

Reminding yourself that you are not a machine and that you shouldn’t feel guilty for resting every now and then is vital to get out of this cycle. Perhaps you could set goals for yourself throughout the day, and you could take a short break once you finish a task. This can help balance the work and rest ratio, and you can feel more relaxed about the fact that you’re getting things done and not just wasting time by relaxing (which you are not!)

Getting out of the vicious cycle of stresslaxing is a process that will take time and constant reminding, so it is okay if your routine doesn’t always work out. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself.


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