Adopt Don’t Shop: A Mantra That Calls For Putting Into Practice

Adopt don't shop
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The pandemic had a long-lasting impact on people’s lives, especially the feeling of loneliness and the longing for companionship. However, a happy trend—the rising fondness for pets—has emerged during these trying times. These adored fluff balls have become a source of comfort, joy, and a revitalised sense of purpose. Pets transform homes into refuges of contentment, whether it’s through the comfort of cuddling or the insatiable fun of playing. The “Adopt Don’t Shop” initiative goes beyond promoting animal welfare; it also addresses our fundamental desire for connection, which is more pressing than ever. 

The “Adopt, Don’t Shop” campaign has been making headlines all over the world for more than ten years. It was initiated by Last Chance for Animals, a nonprofit animal welfare group with headquarters in Los Angeles. The initiative “Adopt, Don’t Shop” tries to inform people about the benefits of adopting rescued animals as opposed to buying pups from pet retailers that buy from puppy mills. Despite more than eleven years having passed, the use of this potent slogan continues to grow owing to the support of more and more animal rights activists. One may predict that at this time, awareness among prospective pet owners would have significantly risen. Sadly, that is not the situation at this time.

Adopt, don't shop
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There has been a clear trend in recent years where people frequently address people to ask for recommendations on where to buy a pet. There are occasions when the offer to adopt a stray or a rescued animal is regarded with scepticism. Many times, questions concerning the health of pets up for adoption or preferences for purebred animals with appealing appearances come up. Unfortunately, it is depressing to see how many of these people decide to buy a pet from a breeder in the end.

The primary motivation for looking for a companion seems to be lost in the desire of owning an attractive and healthy purebred pet. It is essential for people who claim to be fond of animals to think about the effects of their actions. The commercial pet breeding business is unintentionally supported when people choose to buy pets rather than adopt them.

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Many Bollywood celebrities have led the Adopt, Don’t Shop trend by choosing adoption. A few of them include Aditya Roy Kapur, John Abraham, Sunny Leone, Diana Penty, etc. Here’s why adopting local breeds is something that you should consider if you really are a pet lover:

You are saving a life

It is needless to say that when you choose to adopt, you save an animal from pain, suffering and possibly miserable death. You change the pet’s world for a brighter one. And nothing is more precious than that. By choosing to adopt a pet, you not only rescue and provide a loving home for that little creature but also create a room within the shelter to save another vulnerable animal in need.

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You say no to illegal breeding

The movie 777 Charlie has in the most vulnerable way depicted the plight of a forcefully bred animal. When you choose to adopt, you’re actively saying no to merciless and inhumane breeding. You directly contribute to the promotion of animal welfare and take a stand against such organizations.

You’re helping to curb overpopulation

Adopting a pet instead of demanding a specific type of pet from a shop or a breeder shows your compassion for a pet that is already in dire need of support. You do not prefer adding another animal into the world. Thus your decision to adopt is one of the most significant ways to ensure that all animals receive the attention that they are owed.

You’re gifting yourself something that you didn’t know you needed.

Choosing to adopt an animal not only contributes to their health and well-being but also offers remarkable benefits for your own life. Research has consistently shown that having a pet can positively impact your longevity, overall happiness, and overall health. Beyond the joy they bring, these loyal companions provide tremendous support for individuals dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, and various other ailments. Their unwavering presence can be a source of comfort and healing in countless ways.

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