Academic Burnout In Youngsters: How To Cope and Tackle

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Since childhood, we are taught that an academic ace is a superstar. As individuals go through physical and emotional changes in adolescence, the need for validation and support increases. This is why many youngsters turn to academic achievements as a source of validation. Although getting excellent grades helps the individual flourish in colleges and schools, academic burnout doubles the damage. Learning is supposed to enhance one’s faculties, not clog them. As teens, we often overlook the signs of academic burnout in ourselves. It is necessary to recognize the problem first to overcome it.

It should be a clear indication when an exceptionally gifted student starts to “withdraw” from academic excellence. But this problem has more than just one facet to it. An individual also goes through emotional and psychological turbulence in the process. They become more detached and secluded. Their usual academic tasks fail to meet deadlines. The person becomes mentally exhausted, and their interest in learning gradually declines. Instead of seeking support, individuals blame themselves and get lost in the maze of emptiness. Hence, recognizing and acknowledging this state of life is of utmost importance.

Thus begins the process of recuperation. Now, the first step is to be gentle with oneself. Take baby steps. Make a planner and allocate only an hour in the day to study. Set your goals for the week, and remember, one step at a time. The goals should be realistic and attainable. For example: completing one chapter of a subject every three days, and submitting the chemistry assignment by working on it fifteen minutes per day. Aim for your convenience, and give yourself enough time to grasp the subject. Often, we overwork ourselves to the point that the joy of what we initially loved turns into a burden of work. The small steps will help you climb that ladder eventually, but this time with patience.

Secondly, celebrate your small achievements. Get yourself a treat for every task you complete. That can be childish, but it works. Or perhaps, treat yourself to your favourite movie at the end of the week, favourite food items work too. These small prizes are there to fuel your enthusiasm and rejuvenate the soul. It can be a great idea to motivate oneself to indulge in academics cheerfully. This practice takes one back to childhood when we were awarded with candies for behaving well, only this time, It’s about appreciating the steps we take for ourselves. The goal is to reshape our minds and remind ourselves that we are working for ourselves and that’s what we should be focusing on.

Next, you can arrange a group study session. I know what you’re thinking: who studies in these sessions anyway? Well, perhaps that’s exactly what you need! It is an occasion to socialize with friends and classmates to reignite the joy of learning in you. In a way, you will be training your mind to look forward to these group interactions and studying. This will transform the ‘tedious’ academic tasks into fun-loving academically helpful sessions. This will also evoke a sense of belongingness in the struggling student, and the world will seem more accepting than they had imagined in their distressed state. Socializing is like food to human- beings; we are built to keep each other afloat. It is natural to desire company and support. In hard times, your peers can be greatly comforting. Therefore, practice socialising. It is essential for the mind.

In the end, we are all just humans learning to live. Don’t think that you’re lonely simply because it feels like it. Academic burnout can be a labyrinth but there’s always a way out. You just have to find your way back to yourself. This is an opportunity to reconnect with self and embrace one’s potential, academically, as well as in life. Our worth is not attached to our academic abilities but rather to who we are as individuals. Academic excellence is commendable but finding solace in life is a non-negotiable.


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