A Strong Resume Will Always Open The Right Doors

strong resume
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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” said American actor Milton Berle and the first step to build this door is to build a strong resume. 

Building a strong resume is a strenuous task, especially when you hope to land a job at a well-reputed company or when you wish to study in a renowned college. Your CV is responsible for making your first impressions for you. In this competitive world, if you are looking for a perfect dream job, then building an impactful resume that highlights your strongest skills and accomplishments should be on the top of your priority list. Here are some things that you could do to make your resume shine.


Working in a non-profit organization for a noble cause, volunteering at animal shelters or raising funds for a charity, not only makes a positive impact on other people’s lives but also adds to building a strong resume. Volunteer work is one of the criteria which top universities and organizations take into consideration when you apply for scholarships or jobs. Volunteer work is a reflection of your personal characteristics and hence it makes up an important part of a powerful resume. One may visit an NGO working for a cause that he too feels passionate about and simply register to volunteer in any upcoming event or program that he feels he could help with. One may also register at websites like VolunteerMatch, Habitat for Humanity, and GivePulse to find volunteer work in your area of interest.


Doing an internship is the perfect way to gain some first- hand exposure of working in the real world. It gives you an insight into how your future life might shape to be. Not only does an internship help you gain experience but it also provides you with the perfect opportunity to get connected and develop a professional network, which is why doing internships should be at the top of your to-do list if you are working on your profile. Moreover, it also encourages personal development and gives a chance to explore the various aspects of your dream job. You may look for internships on websites like Looksharp or Internshala. You can also look out for various local job fairs sponsored by career websites or colleges and pitch in an application containing your qualifications and future plans to apply for an internship in the company that you are interested in.


Many universities prefer candidates who have written for a college/school magazine or a newspaper. Thus writing for a popular journal could give you an upper edge. One may simply send their written pieces to the desired publishing platform or work as an editorial intern in such a company. One should definitely write for the school/ college productions and compile articles for them if not a national daily. Setting up a blog is the quickest and the easiest way to get your writing out there and build a following. Thus a blog can list as the ability to build influence through your words and make your CV shine.


Participating in a Model United Nations is a must for every student trying to make it to a top university or applying for a high profile job. It is common knowledge that MUNs not only help develop leadership skills and boosts confidence but they also inculcate skills of public speaking, negotiation, diplomacy and conflict resolution. They represent your ability to keep up with the current worldly affairs and provides an opportunity to analyze various foreign policies that influence the behavior of countries at an international level. Moreover, MUN’s are famous for their high standards and peculiar difficulty levels, they can be pinpointed as a significant achievement in terms of experience and diplomatic skills in your resume. Even top colleges are also known for giving special consideration and significant weightage to students who participate in MUNs. One may also register on websites like MyMUN or MUNfinder to look for a MUN to participate in.


Schools and colleges provide us with hundreds of opportunities every academic year. Participating in competitions is not only a representation of your confidence about your talent but is also indicative of your energetic persona and the will to do something. Enlisting your participations on your resume tells the people of authority that you are not the one to sit around but are someone who is willing to grab every opportunity that comes your way. It tells that you are confident enough about your skills to showcase them to the world. Thus, participate in competitions as much as you can. These can be related to any area of interest, from debating to dancing. One may also look for online competitions in case one feels that there is no upcoming event of your interest in your institution.

All the activities listed above will definitely give your college applications and career a boost. Don’t forget to do them all for an impressive and strong resume.


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