A Natural Night Skincare Routine You Need To Counter Stress


Stress is a very vague and wide term and can affect one in various known and unknown ways. While disturbed sleep, indigestion, headaches, lowered immune system, feelings of depression, etc. are some common effects of stress, another indirect consequence of stress is increased skin problems. No one likes to step out of the house with a zit sitting on the face. Nevertheless, dealing with and eliminating stress isn’t easy too, and takes a long long time. However, treating the skin problems arising out of it can be easier. All you need to do is follow a lowkey natural night skincare routine to release your skin, specifically your face, off some stress. 

We understand if you chose to give up on the idea to follow a skincare routine after watching tons of beauty influencers on your social media spending on pocket burning skincare products for maintaining healthy skin, but you must let this be the reason to give up so easily. 

We have a few friendly night skincare routine tips and hacks that are natural, free from chemicals that most of the influencers spend a fortune on, which will not just make your skin look flawless on the outside, but also heal the damages from within. 

Have a bowl of mixed fruits after dinner 

mixed fruits
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Having a healthy gut is very essential to keep the skin clear of acne, rashes, and boils. Throughout the day, we end up munching on a lot of junk and outside food that includes too many spices, bad quality oil, too much cheese, and yeast. 

None of these are good for overall health. Besides, we also consume very less water, something that helps us flush out toxins. As a result, the toxins find a way through our skin pores and settle there itself causing those ugly red spots on our face that we all hate. 

A remedy to this is having a bowl full of fruits or even salad, that is enriched with nutrients. It helps in digestion, counters acidity, provides the necessary nutrients, and helps the skin breathe freely. You can have it an hour and a half before going to bed. Although its effects might not be seen immediately, in a month or so you will notice for yourself that your skin begins to naturally glow and looks soft, fresh, and healthy. 

Wash face before sleeping 

Just as our body needs to be hydrated by consuming lots of water, our face needs hydration too. Before going to sleep, or after coming home after a tiring day outside, do not forget to wash your face clean with a facewash. You can invest in any simple facewash that best suits your skin. Stay away from using body soaps and they are harsh and damage the skin of your face leaving it too dry. 

Make Use of Yogurt, Turmeric, and Honey 

What is natural is always good. From great grandmothers to grandmothers, to mothers and now to us, a recipe of a mixture of natural ingredients for best skin has been passed on. No matter how much we underestimate it, the fact is, it always works wonders. Yogurt, turmeric, and honey mixed together and applied on the skin can help it glow, get rid of infections, and make the skin soft due to its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and organic compounds.  You can also make use of natural aloe vera in the form of a mask which also is very skin-friendly, but since it’s too cool in nature, you might catch a cold. You can apply these twice or thrice a week, a half-hour before going to bed, and rinse it off with plain water. 

Use Cucumber or milk pads for eyes

Natural Night Skincare Routine
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Due to our increased dependency on digital devices for every little thing and the constant urge to check our social media, we put our eyes through a lot of strain that causes dark circles under them making one look pale. While we must reduce our screen time drastically, you can use sliced cucumbers or milk-soaked cotton pads to place them over your eyes. You can rub lemon underneath the eye but be careful not to let the juice enter your eyes. Follow this routine for around 10-15 minutes every day just before falling asleep. These help in refreshing the skin cells under the eyes’ skin and keeping them alive. This way you not just extract the heat and strain caused to the eyes, but also reduce the blackness it causes. 

The hype and noise about all the beauty products that promise ‘flawless beauty’ have made us forget the most basic and pure forms of a skincare routine that women from generations have been following. If you take up this natural night skincare routine, not even an ounce of stress will be visible on your face. Like the other beauty products brands would have said, “Try it and find out yourself!” 


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