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We all have grown up listening to and humming jingles of our favorite ads, be it of Poppins, Nirma detergent, or Vicco toothpaste. Jingles are small catchy tunes or songs that are composed while keeping the brand’s image in mind. It is an informal way of sharing the message of the product.  The objective is to create a verse or a tagline that makes a mark in the viewer’s/listener’s mind. Every time the jingle is heard, it immediately reminds us of the brand/product it is associated with.

Writing a jingle

A jingle is created while keeping the clients’ requirements in mind. It reflects the essence of said brand/product, and should suit it too. It can be composed in a studio or even at home if you have the right instruments and equipment for it. One does not necessarily have to be a composer. Arranging and shuffling items or verses too can result in a great jingle sometimes.

Jingle writing has been losing its place in the industry. Especially in the last 5 years, it has seen a great fall, with many ads using a song or its remix as a background tune, or copying a famous sound.  This however does not mean that the concept of jingles is over. Even if it is lesser-known, it is still prevalent. Like the tagline ‘Amul dudh pita hai India’ for the dairy brand Amul. Or Hero Honda’s ‘Dhak Dhak go’ which is now the company’s tagline. Dairy Milk’s ‘Kuch meetha ho jaye’ is the main message behind all the ads today.

A jingle should be catchy and leave the audiences hooked every time the song comes on and must also have a strong recall value. This can be best achieved only with original content and tunes. Many ads gain their 15 minutes of fame because of using a popular song at the time. But eventually the hype fizzles down and is left forgotten.

Traits of a Writer

Due to the shrinking size of the market for Jingle writing, just being a good writer will not be enough even if the person is an introvert. It is different for a musician who can say ‘I don’t talk much’ or ‘I like to stay alone’. At times, their personality is what sells the album. But for a jingle writer, networking is very important. Firstly acquiring a business license if it is required. Then keeping in touch with Advertising agencies and small businesses. Target the areas around you who are looking to expand. Don’t wait for an offer. You can volunteer and establish your presence. For this, the writer should be determined and believe in his work. She/he should have a presence of mind and should be good at communication, be artistic and social.

Consider formal education

One can consider taking formal education if you are determined to pursue jingle writing as a career. You can also take a career test to find how good you are at it.  Being well versed with the knowledge will give you an upper hand. Training with experienced musicians and taking the right education is beneficial for all musicians and Jingle writers. One should also the basics of playing at least one musical instrument and know a few basic tunes. This can help you to compose a rough tune and make your piece more interesting and fun.

Promote yourself

Being your own PR person, social media executive, and digital marketer are things a jingle writer needs to practice. You should display snippets of your Jingles and share them with your followers. Word of mouth is as good as a social media campaign. Be active, share your work, and be confident in yourself. Always be ready with demo works. Share them with potential employers in the form of a resume.


With the falling market, and Advertisers using young underpaid talent to do the job quickly, getting well-paid jobs will be tougher in the start. It is good to be flexible with your charges before you have had great work.

There is no specialized degree available for jingle writing, however, one bachelor’s degree in any field is required. You can also go for a degree in music and music composition which will not just increase your knowledge on the technicalities of music and writing but will also increase your chances of gaining employment. You can also take up short courses on jingle writing to strengthen your base. 


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