7 Strategies To Build A Successful Career

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Selecting an appropriate career option can be really tricky. Especially for us, the 21st-century millennials – making the right choice regarding a thing so crucial at such a delicate age is tough. It is no surprise that more often than not, we end up making a wrong choice when it comes to what we want to be.

With a plethora of career choices lying at our disposal, the confusion becomes so intense that we end up choosing ‘what’s trending’ around the world rather than going for ‘what’s appealing’ to us.

What’s more surprising? As per a recent survey, a total of 85% of people globally are dissatisfied with their current job! So, what are those quintessential strategies to help build a successful career? Let’s find out!

1. Know Yourself

As exaggerated as it may sound – it is actually very important to find out about yourself first than researching for hours on end about some company. Introspect, and identify your strengths, weaknesses, and passion. Dig into the subjects that really interest you.

It is okay if working relentlessly on the laptop for an occupation does not really fit your definition of a dream job. Find out what you really like doing and turn it into your career. Whether it is writing or dancing – if you love doing it no matter how hard it gets, you have your bright career right there!

2. Be passionate

It is no news that to the society around us, anything other than a typical nine-to-five job is a joke, let alone being a profession. Almost every time it is seen that fluent, young artists give in to this stereotype and end up taking up a job that does not gratify them.

The catch here, however, is to keep striving and being passionately dedicated towards that one thing. No matter if you want to be a chef even though you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, as long as you are passionate, no stereotype can ever stop you.

3. Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Continuing from point number one (since it needs a little more attention!) – All of us have our own set of strengths and weaknesses – even the world’s most successful person is not spared. What needs to be taken care of is how we actually use them to achieve the best possible results.

Note down your strengths and brush your skills. Accept your shortcomings and try to work on them. Finally, as per your strengths and weaknesses, apply for the job you feel is right for you.

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4. Plan carefully

Planning ahead is always important – especially in the context of career. This is one of the most crucial strategies to keep in mind while choosing a career.

Think about the kind of job that you want and the multiple other aspects of it – the degree or specialization required, the amount of funds needed for it, the daily duties, the salary it will fetch you, etc. If all of these elements are in your favor, drop a resume on the company’s website.

5. Build a Resume

A resume should be such that it speaks highly on behalf of you. Spend a good amount of time on building a strong resume for yourself.

Keep it brief but impactful. Highlight your strengths, achievements, and the experience you have gathered through summer camps, workshops, or internships.

Make sure to list down the reasons why you feel the company should hire you. Better the resume, higher the chances of you landing on your dream job!

6. Focus on branding yourself

Branding, in the current scenario, is not only important for the companies but also the candidates seeking a job there. Let’s get it straight – the better you brand yourself as a worthy applicant, the more likely you are to ace the game.

If you are a professional employee, speak about your qualities and your experiences. If you are a fresher, already start establishing yourself in the market by ways of blogging or providing services.

7. Create a network

Last but never least, create a network. Connect with new people and learn from them. Go outside of your comfort zone and get acquainted with people with an amazing skill set.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are amazing tools to help you establish a wide network, which mostly proves to be helpful in choosing the correct career path.

Over to you…

A successful career is always the one that is best suited for us. Choosing the right career option not only helps you build your dream life but also plays a significant role in making us a better version of ourselves. 

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