7 Apps you must have on your Android phone

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You don’t need Apps to run your device, instead you need those to optimize your usage. Apps would basically supplement to the normal functioning of your system and there are chances of you discovering a new feature which never existed before. Take a look at the forth listed 7 needful apps that will take your Android experience a notch higher. So consume some MB this summer, just to advance your mobile’s utility.

Keep secrets, a secret!

Secure all your photos, videos and chats from anyone else who could spy on you. Spying made difficult with Apps Lock available for free on Google play store. The developer promises to keep your data so secured that even after having your passcode, one cannot unlock any confidential material until your consent. It is super-secured with biometric, which is your consent to others using your phone. So, openly lend your phone to your child, friend, partner or better half, without being sued.

Language Clinic

Duolingo, these days is substituting those traditional language teachers, who never knew some basic pronunciations. It will not only teach you, your desired language, it will also train your grammar, track your progress, test your abilities and give you results. The process does not end here, it also gives you easy tricks and tips to excel in the language. If you love to travel, go ahead, pack your bag but don’t forget to learn the local language of that place.

Costly Instrument? Economic Learning

Start from the basic, from telling you what the instrument is called, to teaching you the most professional way of playing it, get music savvy with Yousician. There are levels you need to clear and the app evaluates your progress accordingly. With the nominal fees, the electronic teacher gives you practical plus theoretical knowledge of the instrument. Cannot afford paying the most nominal fees? The app will give you free but limited lessons per day. Want to learn faster, shell out only some percent of your pocket to treasure this skill which you will always cherish.

A Password for many passwords

Had it been possible earlier, for a password remembering app to exist, then we wouldn’t have had to go through the agony of losing an account, the data in it and the memories attached to it. LastPass is such an app that would do wonders for password-forgetters, by giving them a password for many passwords. Just connect all your social media accounts to this bank-level secured app, and create a Last Pass password which can be used anywhere and everywhere in your mob. There are chances of forgetting this password? The developer will give you a permanent solution, register your finger print, which you need not remember, so nor will you forget. You may now forget your passwords, but don’t forget this app!

Double discounts! Double offers! Single phone

Ever thought of exploiting the offers and discounts valid only per person? Install ParallelSpace on your android device and operate two accounts of the same application. The benefits of the application would be hence doubled, as using one Promo code twice is now possible. Nothing much to say, think for yourself, use your creativity and grab the benefits that are limited to per account.

Read books, pay no heed…

Inkitt, is an application which will facilitate you with 6000+ trending books from a variety of genres, free of cost. The only thing you need, is an internet connection, don’t have stable one? Save the book offline and don’t stop reading. You can browse through as many categories you want, and read through as much of content you can. The app won’t decline you of your choice of available book, but will you be determined to complete it by hook or by crook?

Stove is on, but can you cook?

Recipe is all you need now, by recipe I mean the android app ‘Recipe’, which will be your able guide, while cooking. Yummy dishes are now possibly making you a chef, without knowing to cook. The 60+ categorized food items make your day when you need a variety in delicacies. Not on my recommendation, just visit and gift yourself the hobby of cookery.


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