6 Ways To Effectively Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety: Here Is What You Must Do

Coronavirus Anxiety
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Yes, there remains no doubt that the world is currently witnessing a scary time and most of us are finding it difficult to fall asleep at night. The last few months, after the rapid outbreak of Covid-19, have affected our mental health, triggering fear, stress and immense anxiety. You are not the only one to experience this Coronavirus anxiety. Many are going through the same . 

Although undergoing this coronavirus anxiety has become quite obvious, given the current situation globally, we still can deal with it effectively if we follow certain measures. These measures, though may not completely drive the anxiety away, can surely help us all to handle it well and also mitigate its intensity.

Given below are a few helpful and absolutely practical steps towards helping to keep the Coronavirus anxiety under check:  

Disconnect yourself from the news 

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Indian television news is one of the strongest factors that trigger immense anxiety among people. The tone of the news anchors, the headline music and the headlines itself make you feel like the end of the world is inevitable. Headlines like “Italy mai ho raha hai maut ka tandav” or “Corona ne kiya deshwasiyon ko behaal” are surely going to make you want to kill yourself. In such a case, I would suggest, just switch off your television. Doing this doesn’t make you selfish or numb to the world’s sufferings. It’s simply an effort to keep yourself sane. A quick glance through an online newspaper daily will keep you sufficiently informed and aware about the happenings of the world. Since social media is also, now, a primary source of news for many of us. If it is causing you to worry, reduce its usage. This way, the less you are exposed to negative news the more mentally healthy you will stay. 

Control what you can and leave the rest to the administrative authorities

Coronavirus Anxiety
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Though anxiety is not something that disappears overnight, it is important to realize that stressing and becoming anxious isn’t going to churn out positive results. It’s not going to benefit anyone. Sometimes, when things flow out of our hands, its best to let them go. The worry about this pandemic is also somewhat the same. Don’t bother yourself over something you have no control over. However, you must do everything to keep yourself and others safe by staying at home. This is something that you have complete control over. About everything else, it is best to trust the authorities, because whether you believe it or not, they are doing the best they can. 


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Although exercise is known to treat stress and anxiety, some of you may not be very fond of it. For those of you, meditating each day for 5-8 mins can soothe the mind. Meditation helps relax the mind and rid off all the negativity by replacing in it, positive thoughts. During meditation, be sure of ensuring yourself that all will be better soon. This may sound too typical but it works wonders in keeping one mentally healthy. 

Ensure good gut health 

Coronavirus Anxiety
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Anxiety comes with its own package. While some lose appetite, some end up overeating. Coronavirus anxiety has led many of us to munch on chips, chocolates, noodles, and every other food that is junk. You must replace this with a healthy diet, like a bowl of greens or sprouts, and fruits. You must also keep yourself hydrated. A healthy diet and a healthy gut system play a crucial role in mitigating the intensity of any type of anxiety. If your gut health is healthy, you will also feel mentally healthy. 

Connect with your loved ones VIRTUALLY 

Coronavirus Anxiety
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Best friends have always been our best remedies in all difficult times, so why not take their help during such a time as well. The lockdown worldwide has kept everyone locked within their houses. This has left all of us with ample free time. A call to your friends once a day will help your mind in remaining calm. A long video chat with your friends and cousins will uplift your mood and definitely help you keep the coronavirus anxiety at the doorstep. 

Engage yourself in entertainment 

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This is the best time for Netflix and chill. You can totally binge-watch movies and web series of your choice without feeling least guilty. Engaging yourself in binge-watching will keep your mind off track and distract you from everything that caused you the Coronavirus anxiety in the first place. 

The world has witnessed such disturbing times earlier as well. We humans had thrived and surfaced successfully through those challenging times, and this one shall too, pass. We all need to hang in for a little longer and take all the necessary precautions. All, though will take time, will return back to normalcy. 


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