5 Restaurants Popular For Their Out Of The World Themes

Soft music, pleasant and soothing ambience, cosy chairs and delicious food is what an ideal restaurant looks like. But what if there are some restaurants that are beyond the ideal components? What if there is a vibrant touch of quirk to some restaurants? Well, there are restaurants that not only serve finger-licking food but also an outstanding sight to the eyes and a completely different feel altogether.

Trishann Henriques lists five restaurants popular for their out-of-the-world themes

Thousands of restaurants around the world excel in serving varied cuisines of food, but what sets them apart from each other is the experience that accompanies the dining. A dinner in the sky or one amidst the ocean leaves a patron with much more to think about than just a delicious meal.
We present a list of restaurants that are amazingly bizarre in their theme and decor as they are in the overall experience they offer.

Ithaa, Maldives

Bizarre Restaurants

The first-ever undersea restaurant, Ithaa in the Maldives is located 16 feet into the sea. A diner can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean right in front of his eyes without the need for any kind of oceanic equipment. Created from acrylic with a transparent roof, the restaurant also transforms into a hotel depending on the number of diners on a particular day. While it can be rented for wedding receptions and other social events, it plays host to a rather small number of guests. Ithaa can be accessed via ferry leading to an enclosed spiral staircase directed towards the restaurant. Undoubtedly, Ithaa offers a magnificent view of what underwater goodness looks like in all its glory.

Christon Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan Resembling a Gothic cathedral, Christon Café has an air of mystery governing its unique concept and setting. High ceilings, dimly lit chandeliers, gargoyles, vintage-looking goblets and cutlery and other religious paraphernalia make this Tokyo eatery a fascinating place to visit. The restaurant also has on display crosses, statuettes of Mother Mary and other Christian imageries taking themed restaurants to a whole new level.

Magic Restroom Cafe, LA

Bizarre Restaurants

Picture this: food items served in toilet-shaped dishes meant to be eaten while sitting on a seat resembling a commode. As absurd as it may seem, there exists a restaurant that is completely and utterly toilet-themed. Everything about it from the cutlery to the decor has been made to resemble a restroom. If not grossed out by this one-of-a-kind theme, a customer is sure to have quite an interesting dine-out experience at the Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles.

Dinner in the Sky, Montreal Canada

Montreal Canada Transform a simple meal into something extraordinary by dining at a table suspended 50 meters off the ground. Dubbed as being one of the most unique dining experiences, Dinner in The Sky surpasses the idea of what traditional dining was meant to be. The dining experience comes with a private or a divided session of eight hours complete with food and a total of three wait staff at constant service, all floating mid-air. The Dinner in the Sky experience is not only limited to Canada but can also be witnessed in Italy, Brussels, Jeddah, the Monte Carlo Rivera and several other world cities.

Van Gogh is Bipolar, Quezon City, Philippines

Quezon City, Philippines Van Gogh is Bipolar takes the prize for being the weirdest of restaurants in our story. The owner of the restaurant, Jetro Rafael, was detected with bipolar disorder and found that launching his very own restaurant would serve as being a sort of release for it. A one-man army, the owner is the chef; he welcomes his guests and is also quite the entertainer whenever the need arises. The ambience is reminiscent of a cosy home where one can relax and have a good meal. And its decor further cultivates this vibe with cluttered walls adorned with paintings, clocks, frames and even Post-Its. Serving only 12 dinners per night, this restaurant is an audacious example of selling not just the food, but the entire dining experience upon entry to the very end of a meal.



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