The Bistro Story, Chennai – Rs. 400 per person


This Gopalapuram based tavern boasts of an open kitchen, warm Warli painted walls and quite an impressive menu. It has two seating areas, both of which have totally different yet cosy interiors.
CUISINE: European, Italian and Continental.
FOOD AND DRINK: For starters, the Eastern Sharing Platter and Assorted Seafood Starters work well. The former has feta and olive skewers that are average, falafel and hummus which are fantastic and also very different, and tzatziki spinach and corn fattayar which again are nothing great. The Seafood Starters have crispy shrimp crackers, breaded fish fingers and prawns along with a chilli lime dip, all of which are absolutely delicious. For the main course, the Morrocan Style Lamb Stew with saffron causcaus is appetising, with the lamb tenderly cooked along with chickpeas and sweet potato. For vegetarians, the Tikka Grilled Paneer Triangles with lentil and tomato stew and basmati pilaf are a good choice. The Sticky Date Pudding oozes a heavenly honey-like sauce that complements the vanilla ice-cream perfectly. The Triple Chocolate Crumble is also worth a try.
OVERALL: The food is a treat and the ambience promises privacy and undisturbed conversations. Although the music played could be a lot better, The Bistro Story is a restaurant worth exploring.
24, Sadasivam Street, Gopalapuram, Chennai – Nirva Vira


Volume 3 Issue 10


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