5 Resourceful Ways to Make Yourself Start Writing an Essay

Essay writing

Essays are an inevitable part of every high school and college experience. Unfortunately, every student has to write lots of them, but not everyone is the one, who is always full of ideas, inspiration, and readiness to sit and write his or her thought on the matter.

However, writing an essay is just a skill, and like every other skill, it can be learned. Also, it doesn’t have to be so hard to make yourself start writing an essay.

You just need to have the right directions, and you can do it easily, quickly and successfully. Scroll down and learn some of them.

Prepare your workstation adequately

For starters, it’s important to prepare the ground for writing an essay. In other words, you should eliminate all distractions from your workspace, like your smartphone, TV, social media or noise. It would be good to put your phone on airplane mode or use some tools that block all unwanted websites.

Then, prepare your desk for writing. Make sure it is clear of clutter. Besides, treat yourself by making a coffee or tea which will put you in a good mood for writing.

Finally, make sure you have all the necessary materials for writing an essay. Put your notes, textbooks, articles in one place within your reach.

Boost your motivation

Writing an essay isn’t the most enjoyable activity, right? It’s completely understandable. However, there is a little trick to motivate yourself and start writing. Human subconscious is an amazing thing that will reply to any question you ask. So, when you get stuck, try to ask yourself: “How much fun can I have writing this?” Your subconscious will instantly start thinking about ways you can have fun while writing.

Also, you can ask yourself any other question that will help you get started and successfully finish your essay.

Prewriting phase

Most people immediately start writing, and after a while, they find themselves in front of a blank paper, without knowing how to start. So it’s crucial to divide your writing into smaller chunks. In that way, you will have a plan, and after completing one phase you will feel good about your progress, and that will motivate you to carry on.

Before actual writing, there is a prewriting phase, and it includes:

– Reading assignment instructions carefully

Keeping in mind the guidelines, such as the format, the length, and content will help you write a better essay.

– Drafting an outline

Write a short plan using bullet points, brief sentences or diagram. For example:

  • Intro
  • Body
  • Fact 1
  • Fact 2
  • Fact 3
  • Conclusion

Many consider outlines a waste of time, but actually, it will give you a solid foundation for your essay.

– Making a strong thesis

Think about the main point of your essay, about what question your piece will address. It is a core of the essay so take your time to think.

Writing phase

Once you have the outline, it will be easy to write an essay. Just follow your planned structure and don’t think much about your spelling at the moment because it will only slow you down.

It’s recommended to start from writing the body part instead of introduction. Writing an introduction is more complex, and it takes time. If you get stuck at the beginning, you will feel unmotivated, and it will be difficult to proceed. On the other hand, when you start writing a concrete body part of the essay, you have plenty of time to think about the introduction and therefore write it more easily.

Also, remember to take small breaks. Once you finish one segment of the essay, get up and move a little bit. It will help you keep your concentration.

Reviewing phase

Once you’ve completed your essay, take a long break. It will help you detach from your writing, so you’ll gain objectivity when you get back to it to review it. First, read your essay and make sure your thesis is clear, arguably and that your writing corresponds to it. Check if you covered all the points from the assignment sheet.

Then, it’s crucial to proofread your essay and check if there are spelling or grammatical mistakes. You can use https://smallseotools.com/grammar-checker/ to make sure your content is error-free.

However, if you’re swamped with other projects, tests or extracurricular activities, then it would be good to think about getting help. EssayOnTime will help you write any kind of essay with the highest quality. So you can work on a more important task and get better grades.

Essay writing may seem an arduous process for some people; however, if you know how to do it, there is nothing hard left. Try out these strategies, and you’ll be ready to write an essay of any size and for any topic.