5 Reminders For Those Who Have Started Taking Life Too Seriously

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We are rushing behind materialistic goals more than ever. In this process, we have forgotten to acknowledge the real essence of life. In an attempt to achieve our goals (which really is nothing but to be happy), we have forgotten to live in our present. If you too have fallen in this pit, it’s time to stop taking life too seriously. Here are 5 reminders for the same.

Reminder No1:  Stop using others’ success as a parameter to measure your own success

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Out of all the reminders, this is one is crucial since we all are guilty of it. Life is not about being ahead of others or better than others, it’s about being the best versions of yourself. If you only focus on reaching the finish line of the race,  you will most probably not get the taste of taking part in the process of reaching the line. You will miss out on all the fun. Stop comparing your life and success to that of others. Each individual proceeds in life at their own pace just like you. Life turns out differently for everyone. 

Reminder No 2: Don’t forget to live your life while running behind your career

While toiling to gain the sweetest fruits, don’t forget to live life. Pause, breathe, rest, and then resume. Growth is a slow process that cannot be changed. So give yourself the time to grow. Don’t keep rushing and exhaust yourself. In a wild attempt to achieve a bright future, don’t spoil your present. Being harsh on yourself is just going to stress you and cause distress. 

Reminder No 3: Don’t work at the cost of your health 

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The saying “Health is wealth” is immensely accurate. You will be able to move closer to your dreams and goals only if you maintain your health (physical as well as mental health). You must eat healthy foods, find time to exercise from your busy schedule, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep as well. Overworking beyond human capacity is going to put a lot of strain on your body and lead to various health issues.  

Reminder No 4:  Just like everything isn’t, life too cannot always be perfect and it’s okay 

Life is a combination of highs and lows, sadness and happiness, good and bad times. Don’t let lows affect you much. Just like good times don’t last for long, bad times too don’t stay forever. Learn to take failure in your stride and convert them into opportunities to grow. Don’t forget that the best lessons of life are learnt during hard times. Life is just another word for imperfection so embrace your flaws just like you embrace your perfections. Maybe then, life won’t seem that hard. 

Reminder No 5: Take out time for your family, friends, and more importantly, yourself 

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Work and studies are definitely important, but we all need a break. Spend time with your parents, family, hang out with your friends or engage yourself in some hobby of yours. This helps in refreshing the mind and increases productivity. Discuss your highs and lows with them, it might help you to think clearly and move forward towards your goals with more positive rigor. 

These are simple reminders you must not forget. Following this will help your mind relax and work with more interest and ability. What’s really the point of so much hustle if it won’t allow you to enjoy and stay happy in life. After all, aren’t we all hustling to build a happy life? 


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