5 leaders and their lives


There is much one can learn from a leader’s life; their leadership skills notwithstanding, their philosophies and drive are inspirations for anyone aspiring to be a leader. Profiled here are five leaders from all over the world who changed the course of history


How Cleisthenes created the world’s first democracy

Cleisthenes was the father of democracy. In his version, all men could vote and all citizens above 30 years could sit in the council.


The awesomeness of the Pala dynasty

Gopala, the first king of the Pala dynasty, was also the first democratically elected king in South Asia as early as 705 CE. He and his successors ruled over most of India for four centuries.


The influence of Pope St Leo

Also known as Pope St Leo the Great, he stopped Attila the Hun singlehandedly from invading Rome.


What made Eleanor Roosevelt a powerful leader

Called “one of the most esteemed women in the world”, this former First Lady of the US championed human rights and the role of women in the workplace.


Nelson Mandela talks about the philosophies that are the basis of his leadership

Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa when he was elected to office in 1994. He is credited with dismantling apartheid and ending discrimination.


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