5 Important Topics That Should Be Included In Curriculums

School Curriculum

Education must extend beyond the four walls of a classroom, but living in a world where academics are largely driven by sparkly grades, we often lose sight of this thought. How often have we applied geometry, or even history on a day-to-day basis? Almost never!

Even with good grades, students still lack certain skills that have some serious real-world applications. So what are these skills that could put them on the map to success, that don’t involve any numbers? We’ve rounded up a list of five topics that we think should be a part of curriculums to mould students into truly well-rounded students –                  

Social Media Security

Technology and social media are definitely here to stay, and it is important to teach young minds how to use them safely. Online safety is a huge concern among both parents and teachers, and although there is no best way to teach them this practice, making it part of their syllabus is a great start. They should be taught about privacy, and how revealing too much personal information online is harmful to their security. Additionally, there should also be modules on how to use social media in a way that keeps them away from cyberbullying or even hacking. Should they find themselves in such a situation, they need to be coached on what necessary measures should be taken to restore their safety.

Personal Finance

We spend nearly our entire student lives trying to find our way around Math, but how much practical use do we get out of it? Students need to be taught the importance of financial responsibility, so that they have a basic knowledge of money management and savings. While investments are a story for another day, they should also dip their toes into the concept of taxes, debit cards, and credits. Simultaneously, they will benefit from learning about fraudulent practices and the consequences associated with it.


It is no secret that politics is more often than not, fueled by religious propaganda. And at a stage when minds are the most vulnerable, students must be prevented from being swayed by such propaganda. Secularism should be taught to them so that they can learn about and exercise their right to religious freedom, fair decision making, and the freedom of speech. Secularism is integral to the peaceful functioning of a society, and hence, must be taught at the grassroot level.

Emergency Medical Training

This is probably one of the most overlooked skills that one should possess, but is the need of the hour in a world where uncertainty prevails. It must be mandatory for students to undergo training to administer CPR, how to clean and bandage a basic would and do the same for their companions. They should also be trained on how to be alert and respond in case of an emergency, and how to avail of medical professionals in the case of such situations.

Mental Health

Although the world today is a lot more vocal about mental health issues, it is yet to be addressed on a larger scale, and still remains a stigma in some parts of the world. And if the increasing number of student suicides is anything to go by, this topic is the need of the hour. Students must be taught about mental health, and how to overcome it, so that they’re better equipped to deal with it when they’re adults. Topics like depression, anxiety and failure should never be shied away from, considering that rigorous academic curriculums can put students through a great deal of pressure. They should also be taught how to comfort their peers and friends if they are going through a mental health crisis.


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