5 Exercises To Do At Home That Ensure A Full-body Workout

full-body workout
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Exercising is probably one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight. But did you know that it affects not only your physique but is also beneficial to your mental health? The art of fitness more specifically is the ability to perform certain acts and sports in short or longer sequences. Well, what is one to do if you don’t have a gym subscription or any workout accessories, near you, and are unable to leave the house, especially in quarantine? Mentioning below 5 exercises ensuring a full-body workout that you can do AT HOME without using any workout gears or accessories. 

1. Lunges:

full body workout
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This exercise can easily be performed on a yoga mat. It produces strain on the lower body while performing. Since Lunges are a full-body workout, its benefits range from toning and shaping of the body to improving posture and balance. The Abdominal, back muscles, gluteal muscles, Quadriceps, Hamstrings are the muscles that are worked. It also helps tighten the gluteal muscles. One should be careful as having bad knees can make lunges painful. Overworking the body too can cause fatigue and pain. 

2. Burpees:

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Burpees are great for a full-body workout. It is equipment free and is a great cardiovascular workout. A variation of this exercise can be performed, but the most basic form is extremely effective too, in losing body fat. Performing this everyday can give better results than typical jogging, and other conventional strength training exercises.

3. Plank

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It helps build and strengthen the core muscles which are a series of muscles in your mid-section used for movement. It also helps to strengthen the abdomen which is important to support your back and spinal column. This means it prevents the risk of injury in those areas. Start by 30 seconds at a time, thrice a day. Eventually, build it to 45 seconds and then a minute. It also increases metabolism, improves posture and flexibility.

4. Situps:

full-body workout
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Once again, this exercise strengthens and tones the core, stabilizes abdominal muscles, strengthens the diaphragm, improves posture, and is highly effective in the loss of belly fat. It also promotes flexibility training. However, it should be performed moderately, as some believe that it can be hard on the spine. It also helps sculpt abs. 

5. Pushups:

push ups
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This is a callisthenics exercise. It may take one, a while to learn and perform a proper pushup. It works mainly towards the strengthening of parts of the upper body like the chest, triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. It is performed to activate muscles in those areas, strengthening and endurance and increased mass muscle. 

Coupled along with the above-mentioned exercises, doing 10-15 Suryanamaskars a day, which is a mix of 12 positions, makes a great wholesome full-body workout routine. You can begin by doing smaller numbers or timed workouts, as a beginner. Once you get the hang of it, results will be visible within a week! Healthy eating is also of utmost importance, as diet and intake largely affect the results. 


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