5 Creative Courses At Summer Schools


Vacations spell plenty of free time for students. Summer schools are perfect for the three-month long break commencing this month. Trishann Henriques presents 5 creative skills a student may develop at an international summer school

The chance to hone a skill in a foreign land and meet with like-minded individuals from across the globe encompass a summer school experience. What is even better is the opportunity to learn at institutions that are recognised the world over for the education they impart, their excellent faculty and of course their unique courses which are nothing like the ones closer to home. For the art-loving wanderer, here are five summer school creative programmes.

For someone who enjoys good old English literature, getting into the depths of a book at the hands of some of the best universities’ skilled faculty is as close as it gets to perfection. Literature courses delve into the varied aspects of literature. From sessions that focus on Jane Austen and Rudiyard Kipling, to Lewis Caroll and Charles Dickens, literature courses also investigate why written works play a role in creative writing today.

SUMMER SCHOOLS: Cambridge University; Havard University; University of Oxford










Fashion finds appeal with several youngsters today. However, there is a thin line between someone who is very serious about this art and someone who is temporarily infatuated with it. Parsons the New School of Design, and University of the Arts London are some premier institutes in the world for fashion and design. With the crème de la crème of today’s fashion scene as their alumni, these schools offer several fashion summer courses, ranging from fashion design to fashion journalism.

SUMMER SCHOOLS: Parsons the New School of Design; University of the Arts London; Istituto Marangoni






The world of photography and videography has taken centre stage in the last two decades as there is a constant need for compelling images to complement stories in magazines, newspapers and the online space. There is so much that goes into the composition of an image, much of which has to be perfected and learnt the right way. Summer schools for photography focus on encouraging an individual to take up this art form professionally as opposed to enjoying it merely as a hobby.

SUMMER SCHOOLS: University of Edinburgh, Goldsmiths University of London, Columbia University







Knowledge of a foreign language always looks great on a CV. It not only acts as a satisfying hobby, but also as a catalyst for employment in multinational companies. Translation of important documents, formatting letters, and often, being the go-between companies and their foreign clients are some of the outcomes of learning a foreign language. At a foreign language summer school a student is likely to learn a foreign tongue of his/her choice through intense focus on vocabulary, writing and speaking.

SUMMER SCHOOLS: University of California, Berkley; Boston University; University of Virginia








Commercial cinema has moved to the background and made way for art films that focus on powerful stories through brilliant screenplays and compelling cinematography. Courses in filmmaking dive into the creation of a film right from the writing of a script to the formulation of a visual plan and rehearsals with actors, even the editing of short films. Such courses are apt for someone who either wishes to hone their filmmaking skills or just test the waters, as well as for the aspiring filmmaker.

SUMMER SCHOOLS: The New School, New York; Yale University; University of California, Los Angeles   


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