5.35 Crore Youth to Vote This Year


A welcome change, this year’s Lok Sabha elections will see a majority of youngsters voting. With the on-going spate of crimes in the city and the rest of the state of Maharashtra, it is no surprise that the youth wish to see tangible changes made in their respective constituencies by voting to power a party that upholds their views.

A heady change from 2009, this year, 5.35 crore young voters in Maharashtra will be casting their vote. Out of this number, around 3.5-4 lakh are first-time voters.  As compared to previous years, the ratio of youth to adult voters is on the higher side with an increasing number of youth actively making their presence felt in the politics of their state and governance of their city.

This change is also a result of youth-centric campaigning undertaken by the Congress, BJP and the AAP to get youngsters actively involved in politics.

The rise in the number of young voters is definitely going to bring about a change this year. Will you be instrumental in making this difference?


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