Every Girl’s Makeup Essentials


So you don’t have a three-tiered makeup suitcase. Big deal! You need only four items in your handbag for an easy and quick beauty fix

Definition for the Eyes

An eye pencil or kohl stick gives you dramatic and wider, brighter eyes with just one swipe.
Himalaya – Rs. 120
Maybelline – Rs. 175 






Best Face Forward

A face wash is a must-have in your bag, for – what else but? – cleanse your face when you’re feeling dull and tired.
Neutrogena – Rs. 95
Pond’s – Rs. 175








All-in-one facial makeover

Can a sunscreen, compact, foundation and mousse combine into one product? Yes, they can! BB creams – beauty and benefit creams – add a natural glow to your face.
Lakme – Rs. 250
Maybelline – Rs. 199








Instantly Luscious Lips

Lip balms are cheap, fruity and super effective at hydrating your lips to give you baby-smooth pouts.
Nivea – Rs. 129
Elle 18 – Rs. 110 










Volume 3 Issue 5


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