3 Self-Care Items That Really Make A Difference

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Self-care is a multi-billion-dollar industry, so there’s no shortage of companies trying to sell you products that are guaranteed to make you feel better. Unfortunately, most of these goods are really only designed to fulfill a temporary need and leave you longing for more after. The cycle never ends, and you’ll find that all the bath bombs, face masks and bottles of wine don’t actually leave you feeling better about yourself in the long run.

Instead of telling you to abstain from self-care items altogether, it’s better to look at what products are out there that really can have a positive impact on your life. These five selections are meant to give you a general framework for all your future purchases. Rather than temporary relief, they help induce long-term, lifestyle changes that you can benefit from for the rest of your life.

Memory Foam Pillows

How well do you sleep? Most people want to sleep better, but they aren’t sure what’s causing their tossing and turning or unrestful nights in the first place. Even if you don’t suffer from insomnia, your bedding can negatively impact how well you sleep and how you feel each day. A gel or memory foam pillow is designed to be cooler and protect the neck; protecting your back and neck while you sleep can reduce muscle soreness and tension throughout the waking hours. A good pillow will last for years, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel in the morning when you have a firm, high-quality pillow supporting you throughout the night.

Fresh Flowers

Living with plants can raise your mood, lower stress levels and increase your overall sense of happiness. Nature is not always easy to immerse ourselves in, but humans were built to be in close connection with the sun, sky and plants. Luckily, you can bring a bit of the outdoors inside with flower arrangements. Rather than growing your own or having to tend to a garden, pick up a bouquet at the market or look into flowers from BloomsyBox. These bouquets are handpicked and sent to your door from local farms. They’re sustainable, fresh and easy to tend, and a great way to say ‘happy birthday’ with some of the most popular birthday flowers. You can arrange a weekly or monthly plan to ensure your space is always filled with beautiful flowers that lift your spirits.

A Journal

Journaling has numerous benefits for your mental health. Aside from giving you a space to work through your emotions, keeping a journal can also help de-stress, process negative feelings and gain a better understanding of your moods and thoughts. If you never thought of yourself as the writing type, don’t be put off by a journal. There are no rules, but if you need some structure, there are plenty of free prompts online you can use. Journaling is incorporated into many psychotherapies as a form of self-regulation. Giving yourself breathing room might be hard if your always on the phone or computer. When you unplug and pick up your journal, you’ll find it much easier to really look after yourself and get to the bottom of how you’re feeling.


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