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Jubanashwa Mishra has travelled eight states and has become a photographer, a mountain cleaner, a rafting instructor and a sevak at the Golden Temple among other things in the last eight weeks. Youth Inc talks to him to learn more about his incredible journey

The ‘One Week Job Project’ was started by Canadian Sean Aiken in February 2007 after he wasn’t sure what career to pursue. He then expanded the project to Australia, USA, UK, and India. Jubanashwa Mishra is the first Indian attempting this epic project of 28 jobs in 28 weeks across all 28 Indian states.

What motivated you to job-hop across the country?
After I quit the IT industry to do my postgrad, I also got involved in many new ventures. I was fortunate enough to come across various industries like film, advertising, media and energy. I realised that in every industry, job satisfaction is a serious issue. Everyone’s story starts with “I wanted to do this, but…” and ends with “Someday I will”. When I got through the One Week Job Project whose motto is to “Discover Your Passion” worldwide, I easily connected with the idea. Through these 28 different jobs in 28 weeks throughout the 28 states of India, I’m trying to rejuvenate everyone’s dreams to discover their passion.

Which of the jobs you have attempted so far has been most fulfilling? And most challenging?
The most fulfilling would be the job as a movie marketing executive because I love Bollywood! I cannot choose the least favourite as I enjoyed all my jobs.

Did you have a list of jobs in mind when you started the project? Or did you accept whatever jobs came your way?
I had a wish list of jobs, like a Bollywood marketing executive, a tattoo artist and cremation assistant in Varanasi. However, I am open, ready and willing to take any and all job offers that are presented. I can’t wait to discover what other jobs are available out there, many of which I may have never even heard of.

Are you taking breaks between jobs? Do you find the time to explore your new city while you are employed there?
I do not take breaks in between jobs. I usually work from Monday to Friday. I spend the weekends to travel to the next destination. While working in a new city, I hardly get time to explore, except for the city areas that I cover during work. If there is any particular place that I really want to see, then I try to visit that place.

Which jobs do you have lined up for the following weeks? Any particular job you are particularly excited about? 
I’m currently working as a movie marketing executive in a leading Bollywood PR firm. I am really excited about the job because I get to know how a name becomes a celebrity brand and how a signature becomes an autograph. I also learnt how to position a movie before its release, strategising the target audience according to what the movie is based on, etc. It’s all new and very interesting.

Having worked as an employee and an entrepreneur, which role do you prefer?
There are pros and cons in both the roles. An entrepreneur enjoys the freedom and decision taking capability while an employee enjoys the security and financial stability. However, I always prefer to take risk and live the life of an entrepreneur.

Do you believe you will find your calling or true passion at the end of the 28 weeks project?
In the last eight weeks, I have learnt a lot, experienced eight different job environments, eight different bosses, and eight different climates in eight different states. Hopefully I will discover my passion at end of the 28 weeks and inspire others as well.

What would you say to students who are pressurised by their parents to follow the trodden path?
Instead of going for a stereotypical education and profession like a doctor or an engineer, please choose a path that interests you. Try to discover your passion and live your dream.
“Don’t run behind success. Go behind excellence and success will follow.”
– Amir Khan, 3 Idiots

Quick Questions

One job you would never attempt
Doctor (because no one will hire me without a degree)

Most demanding employer so far
Waste Warrior, Himachal Pradesh

You are inspired by…
Steve Jobs

Favourite discovery during your travels
Most places in India don’t have mobile networks. And that’s the way it should be.




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