2012 is National Mathematical Year


Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh during an event commemorating the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birthday, talked about his concern on the insufficient number of mathematicians in the country including the fact that not many students today are opting to study mathematics at the higher level. Further, he declared 2012 as the ‘National Mathematical Year’ as a tribute to the math genius. In addition, Dr Singh mentioned that the youth today held a very negative perception of pursuing math as a career, one that made it unattractive and not lucrative enough. He mentioned that these perceptions needed to change with the changing times, where every field had enough to offer its participants, with newer careers emerging rapidly every year. Moving on, Dr Singh laid the responsibility of looking for conducive ways to deal with the shortage of intelligent mathematicians in the mathematical community. He said the community could do this by reaching out to the public, especially presenting the necessities of math in every walk of life in the modern context.

Volume 1 Issue 9


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