2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology-School of Engineering


If you are a student at MIT, your fi rst step into Computer Science would be via a course which integrates programming, basic electrical engineering, robotics, and control system theory – all in one paper! And just like that, you will be studying at the Mecca of technology.
“What was great about MIT were the incredible opportunities, the academic infrastructure, and going to school with people who were cooler and more intelligent than I was. You’ll learn an amazing amount in your time there, and there is a good chance you’ll have a blast doing it. Believe me, Boston is a great place to be a student,” says MIT student Nivedita Chandrasekaran. Adds a friend of hers, “MIT grads get top jobs in the government and industry. Great NASA pilots and astronauts have graduated from here. Who wouldn’t want to study here!”
Many students are of the opinion that the depth of work is very challenging and a degree in CS from MIT is defi nitely more respected than any other university. When recruiters look at a resume and see MIT on it, the company knows that it is hiring someone with great problem-solving skills and a mindset that will contribute to the company.

Volumn 1 Issue 2


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