16 Simple Ways to Go Green

go green
Everyone always complains about pollution and wastage, but the bigger problem is no one wants to step up and actually make a change. Like in all other things, start with the basics because that is the only way anyone gets to the bigger picture. The small things you start today will be the reason for the big things that change tomorrow, for you and all the generations to come. Ruhi Gandhi urges you to drop the indifference and find simple ways you can incorporate saving the environment into your daily lives

Make your own  bug spray

Commercial bug sprays contain specific chemicals called organophosphates which are proven to be one of the causes of poisoning in humans. You could alternatively mix soap and water which would remove trails and have a similar effect as bug sprays to prevent a colony from following.

Drive slow

Speeding every once in a while is alright, but in the long term it can cost you some serious bucks! Did you know driving 10mph above 60 causes you to spend extra since it begins guzzling?

Keep your refrigerator occupied

While the refrigerator may look clean and hygienic when it is empty, here is a fact you probably didn’t know, it takes longer to cool empty space than if it had been full. So don’t feel guilty about stocking up, for goodness sake! We live in a tropical state.

Time your shower

We all love showers. However, reducing a couple of minutes every day consciously can greatly contribute to reducing water wastage.

Plant around your house

Start from home. Even the smallest house plants give significant amounts of oxygen and it is close enough for you to take care of and nurture.

Inflate your tyres

Make it a habit to get your tyres checked. Besides that fact that you could get stranded somewhere with flat tyres, you could also save a lot of mileage by simply making sure your tyres are inflated.

Don’t heat plastic

Heating food in plastic containers may be convenient but they cause certain chemicals to be released into the food which may contain hormone-disrupting compounds. Hormones are always problematic, why instigate them even more?

Burning to “just hot”

Overheating your water heater causes corrosion and mineral build-up to occur at a faster rate. 120 degrees is just about ideal. Not to mention, it is also pretty unhealthy for your skin, especially your scalp.

Use and reuse

You can use your coffee grounds as a border around plants to ward off ants and slugs. It may be repulsive for these creatures, but it will provide a lovely fragrance for you.

Buy rechargeable batteries

You charge your phone and so many other electronics! Why not buy rechargeable batteries to reduce the constant replacement of worn out ones which cause problems to the environment after disposal?

Have a yard sale

It can never harm you to give away things you intend to throw out, especially if it may come in handy to someone else. Plus, you can make a couple quick bucks on things you don’t need, while saving the environment indirectly. This cannot possibly go wrong for anyone!

E-books and online news

In all seriousness, it may be traditional to read the actual paper, but maybe you can give online news a try and for readers who breeze through books like it’s the air you breathe. Try using e-books more often than not, save some paper, you are still reading the same words. Think of buying books as a guilty pleasure that is only acceptable once in a while.

Ditch the Disposables

Personalise your own coffee mug, carry it with you. Disposables may be convenient but the amount of harm they cause to the environment is mind boggling.

Avoid Non-stick Pans

Use cast iron instead. Non-stick pans release chemicals which tend to break down and may get into your food. These chemicals have been linked to heart diseases.

Pop traditionally

Get smart with popping your popcorn. Microwave popcorn releases an acid (PFOA) which studies have linked to cancer and infertility. Take out your pan and pop the seeds traditionally.

Try some D.I.Y’s

Do it yourself videos for clothes, accessories, and makeup are spreading on the youth scale like a rapid fire! Most importantly, by using your old items to make new ones you are contributing largely to the environment as production can be reduced.


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