10 things every man needs in his bag

10 things every man needs in his bag

All those men out there who tend to start their days in an absolute frenzy to reach somewhere on time, or rather a few hours late, here’s your short cut to all the things you can just dump in your bag and rush out the door without a worrying about not making it through the day.



USB Flash drive: This will allow you to back up important documents when you’re travelling or need to transfer important documents to another computer at random.

energy boosting snack - (tumblr)


An energy-boosting snack: For those moments of the day when you need a little snack and energy booster.


A pack of tissues: To avoid the sweaty palms and forehead


Mint chewing gums: Keep your breath fresh at all times.


Pocket notebook: To jot down those quick bullet points or things to do as when you remember.


Speakers: To start the party at any point and anywhere.


A water bottle: To stay hydrated at all times.


Spectacles: Get the nerdy/sexy (P.S The ladies would secretly drool over) at any point and anywhere.


A deodorant: To keep you smelling irresistible and fresh at all times.


Earphones: When those gloomy days slip in and you just want to ignore the world all around you.