10 Interesting Jobs in the Agriculture Sector and Universities that provide the Required Courses

jobs in agriculture
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Agriculture is way more than just owning the farmed land or working as a labourer on land owned by others or waiting for the crops to grow. India is known for 70% of agricultural dependency however, the youth of our nation is running away from jobs related to this field. While we are busy underestimating and sympathizing the situation of agriculture, there are job opportunities sprouting from it that ensures good pay and job security. 

We have curated this article to help you start a career in agriculture. From knowing the day-to-day responsibilities of these occupations to knowing Indian universities who offer the required courses, we have already for you!

1. Horticulturists

A Horticulturist is like this fictional character who uses his/her magical wand to beautify the given surrounding with beautiful flowers and plants. They manage cultivations of gardens and land. Horticulture is a popular branch of agriculture that deals with reproduction and management of plant life. They are also responsible for conducting pest investigations and experiment with different varieties of plants.

University offering the course – Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

jobs in agriculture
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2. Agricultural Economist

Agricultural Economist is in a literal sense – An All-rounder. They have to research, analyse markets give business advises, consult, deal with land appraisal, develop forecasts and predict which crops to grow. This job is ideal for someone who likes multi-tasking and wants to work in depths of agriculture. The best part about being an Agricultural Economist is that you don’t have to worry about your salary. It is worth all the stress.

University offering the course – Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Pune.

jobs in agriculture
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3. Biochemist

If you are someone who is upset with food items being grown through chemicals, this job gives you the power to stop that. The need for biochemists has grown in the last decade considering they are the ones who study, analyse and develop different new crops that are more resistant against natural elements like drought, storms or even insect infestations. Increasing global problems like climate change is an opportunity for the biochemists to look for new ways to improve human lives.

University offering the course – St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

jobs in agriculture
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4. Pisciculture

Popularly known as the science of fisheries. This job has been gaining attention in the field. From focusing on methods of breeding and rearing to maintaining marine health in an artificial environment, these people do an important job for the marine world. Other tasks include transporting and distributing the same to markets.

University offering the course – St. Anthony’s College: Department of Fishery Science, Shillong.

jobs in agriculture
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5. Environmental Engineer

An Environmental Engineer plays an essential role in the agriculture process. They use scientific principles from different sciences and create systems that aim to prevent future damages like deforestation, pollution and soil erosion. They make sure that conditions for planting and growing are good and farmers are aware of it. 

University offering the course – National Institute of Technology, Telangana.

jobs in agriculture
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6. Food Scientist

Food scientists are the people who create the nutritional information that is later printed on the back of consumer products. They are responsible for making the consumer aware of the ingredients used and provide them with warnings and suggestions regarding the consumption of the same. They do this with the help of other scientists who make sure that the food produced is safe for consumption.

University offering the course – Mehr Chand Mahajan Dayanand Anglo Vedic college for Women, Chandigarh.

jobs in agriculture
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7. Animal Geneticist

To become an Animal Geneticist is to take steps towards preventing genetic disorders in animals and increasing their chance for survival. They study genetic makeup and decide on different species to crossbreed depending on their geneticists. This way they predict the vital characteristics necessary for an animal to survive.

University offering the course – Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, West Bengal.

jobs in agriculture
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8. Agricultural Engineer

Just how in the film Transformers, machines help humans, an Agricultural Engineer also designs various machines for farmers and agricultural purposes. They deal with ground level manufacturers and provide them with ideas of required equipment. Their responsibility includes machines getting manufactured within government regulations and importantly, machines work properly for the longest time. It is also one of the highest paying jobs in this field. 

University offering the course – Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab.

jobs in agriculture
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9. Agronomists

They are fondly called the soil scientists. Without proper care of the soil, the agriculture business will not prosper and this is where these people play their part. They indulge in all levels of soil fertility. From maintaining and improving soil quality with the right pesticides to preparing the seedbed and improving sowing methodology, the Agronomists manage the prime work of the agriculture.

University offering the course – Acharya Ngranga Agriculture University, Hyderabad.

jobs in agriculture
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10. Agricultural Lawyer

Agricultural Lawyer’s responsibility is to reduce land disputes while making sure that all government regulations are followed. They have to fight cases that involve environmental protection, land use and labour laws. They have to be constantly on their toes and deal with work related to agricultural infrastructure, insurance and intellectual property.

University offering the course – Government Law College, Mumbai.

jobs in agriculture
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