Why Newsletters Have Become Trendy Again

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It wasn’t too long ago that email newsletters were being shunned as an obsolete form of marketing and yet, market data shows that the popularity of the newsletters is on the rise once again! Not everyone is yet aware of the trend though, but those that know, have started to actively include email marketing in their respective digital marketing campaigns.

Now, it is fairly obvious that the popularity of the trend is a result of email newsletters being more effective than businesses thought they were, because companies don’t just invest in dead trends for the sake of novelty, unless there is significant justification behind such a move. As to what exactly are the factors that led to the resurgence of the newsletter again, we will try to find out next.

Emails Have Become Easier and More Convenient to Open

There is no denying it; convenience is one of the biggest determining factors in almost everything that goes on in human life, be it of a personal or professional nature. As Wikipedia confirms, 70.8% of the population in the UK, 71.5% of the population in the US and 71.8% of the Canadian population have a working smartphone. This convenience factor has played a huge role in making email marketing popular again.

Since almost everyone in urban areas has a smartphone, opening and reading an email is so much more convenient now, especially since a huge portion of the population in every developed country spends most of their spare time on smartphones anyway. Opening and tapping through an email newsletter in 2019 are just so much more convenient and faster than it ever was before on a smartphone; this definitely stands as one of the prime reasons behind the revival of the email newsletter.

The Understanding of the Smartphone Factor Has Led to Dynamic Email Designs

If you remember those times when we used to open a promotional email from our smartphones, just to see the images and the text all bent out of proportion, then you know what we mean here. There would have been little use of the smartphone’s convenience had clever email marketers not realized that their emails needed to be dynamic in design, similar to how modern websites are designed to load faster and better on any platform.

However, dynamic web/email design goes a step further than just supporting major smartphone platforms. A modern email newsletter is dynamic in design, which means that it fits automatically to best suit the viewing window of the person looking at the email, irrespective of the device or the viewing window’s proportions.

In addition to this technical marvel, which has made newsletters more readable across all platforms, there’s also the question of making them interesting with attractive designs. We instinctively roll through the pages of a magazine when we wait at the doctor’s office for an appointment, and that is because the design of the magazine appeals to us. The email newsletter essentially has managed to have the same impact on the target audience in the digital format. If people like what they see, they tend to give it a click or a tap.

More Relevant and Interesting Content

Marketing is largely based on providing value to customers nowadays and that value can come in any form, be it information, discount codes or relevant updates.

The general idea is to provide content in the newsletter that is not just attractive enough for the user to click/tap on, but actually read too. That can only happen if the content is written well, offers some sort of value to the customer and doesn’t exactly look like a spam email either!

The call-to-action button is still there like always, but it is not that burning red button that promises to be the solution for all problems anymore. Instead, it’s now a helpful link that will take the lead to a relevant page, that is directly related to the email itself.

Successful email marketers are getting all of these components right and in perfect order. Therefore we are seeing a rise in the form of digital marketing that was thought to be almost dead in the face of social media campaigns.

In case you had lost faith in newsletters, now you know better, but before you start funnelling some of your marketing budgets into the rising trend again, a comparison of the top email marketing services is highly advised. Do understand that just because email newsletters are showing a significant resurgence in their effectiveness, it doesn’t mean that just anything will work. Unless the actual content is relevant, helpful and of high quality, they will not produce results for you.

Email newsletters are back, but the need for quality content and a good email list hasn’t changed, nor will it ever change.


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