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What is Your Take on Moral Policing?


Nisarg Modi
3rd year D.J.Sanghvi College of Engineering
‘Swatantrata’ has been advocated in Indian culture from ancient times. ‘Swa’ means self; ‘Tantra’ means method, discipline, or rules. So Swatantrata means acting according to our own methods or rules, which is the ideal type of ‘freedom’. Personally, I believe that the Internet should not be censored. Freedom of speech was given to us by the Constitution. The rights have been ours for centuries and should not be taken away today, in modern society. Eventually there must be a solution to regulate who should be able to view, what should be censored, and an effective way of enforcing it. Otherwise our constitution will hold a lesser value that it has for decades, and when the rules have been broken once, it most likely will happen again. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and is allowed to voice it.


Vrushali Ambedkar
2ndyear chemical engineering
ACP Vasant Dhoble gives an impression of an angry man, barging out on the streets kicking asses of those breaking the law. Not even the gender is spared when it comes to upholding the law. The youngsters are entitled to have some amount of fun and Dhoble is infringing on their right to enjoyment. Many people have taken to the streets for showing their dislike against his methods. For a change it feels great to know that we live in a society which regards its children above the archaic laws. What’s amusing is not that people regard him as a threat to their nightlife, but the fact that they actually think that what he is doing is killing their fun, inconveniencing their nightlife when there are a legion of people who are being involved in sex rackets, drug trafficking and other illicit activities.


Shreyas Deshmukh
The situation in which ACP Dhoble finds himself in is a classic case of an individual with misconstrued perceptions of morality using archaic laws to enforce his will upon the common people. The Indian legal system suffers due to reliance on laws that do not reflect the times we live in. It will not be surprising to find these very laws being used as a precedent to promote internet censorship.


Dhruv Shah
MBA in Strategy

The generations are changing and we cannot keep the exposure to our youth shut on all fronts. It is best if we change or rather accept the changes. But yes, to what extent and to what limits, because by the end of it, we are responsible for our worried parents back home and moreover to preserve our Indian culture. Moral Policing is required as the pace of change is stupendous, but somewhere we need to draw a line. We cannot have people monitoring the freedom on all doors, and if that is done (for the good) violent and humiliating actions should not be carried out to curb them. The authorities too have to set a benchmark for their actions and accept that change is inevitable. Regardless, it’s important that change too is monitored.


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