Wordsmith of the month: Preeti Hiwale Shinde


The charm, beauty and mystique of Hampi inspires a young poet to visualise a pilgrim’s journey.

A Pilgrim’s Dream

by Preeti Hilwale Shinde


The pilgrim treads under the sun,

His feet are sore, yet he walks.

To attain salvation, he conquers heights.

The land of Ramayana is his destination.

He hopes in his heart to meet the lord,

He tries to please him by meditating,

To him it appears the nature is praising,

The divine almighty with true devotion.

On reaching the temple,

He casts his eyes to the earth,

The sight reminds him of the lord,

And he bows his head down.

Filled with humility,

Rejuvenating the soul,

The pilgrim returns home,

With stories to be told.



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