Why Is It Easier To Write When One Is Sad


Written words and sentences are those which are spoken by the soul, where the brain speaks less and the heart speaks more. Writing makes a person live. It eases oneself to peace. Whether it’s happiness or sadness, whatever it may be, it’s always penned down.

Heartbreaks and loss often tend to bring out some of the best literary works. Why is it so? It is said that it is easier to portrait one’s feelings and thoughts when a person is SAD. In its simplest sense, when one is sad or mad (angry), one needs an outlet for the state inside them. Sadness or anger makes you internally unsettled. This unsettledness grows in proportion to the level of sadness or anger you feel. You struggle to find ways to express your grief or anger, and your mind is all over the place. Thus when you’re at a loss for words in a conversation, the art of writing always comes to your rescue.

Emotions are known to inspire your creativity, be it writings, poetry or paintings. Fuelled by your emotions, you express yourself in the rawest, powerful and unfiltered way.

I think this is how most of us turn to writing in the first place. This also teaches us how to write. Running away from our mistakes, the sufferings, pain, failure, loss, broken friendship, betrayal, loneliness, and a heart full of unfulfilled expectations – writing becomes then the only way out, the only light in the darkness that engulfs us in our trying times.

Some of the best works of many great writers are delivered in deep pain. It’s not easy to write and the best writing pieces don’t happen over-night. The struggle, the emotions flown in each word is felt and penned. And sometimes, you find joy all over again in this type of escapism.

In an article from Australasian Science, Forgas writes, “mildly negative mood may actually promote a more concrete, accommodative and ultimately more successful communication style.” In other words, unhappy writers outperform happy ones. Even writers in a neutral type of mood do better.

But it’s not just that – that suffering is the ONLY source of inspiration. After a lot of observation and research, I can tell you that there’s incredible work that can be even produced when one is happy, to inspire others to believe in life again.

You really don’t have to be a damned poet to be a great writer. Reality, everyday life and general feelings are all ample sources of inspiration. You can write about almost anything and everything. If writing is your calling, don’t quit. Give it a chance even if you think you have nothing significant to say. Maybe what you have to say means the world to someone out there.


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