When Meghan Markle Broke Some Stringent Royal Protocols

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, a.k.a the Duchess of Sussex is a force to reckon with. A few months of her entry into the Royal Family and the Duchess has already forgone countless Royal protocols. While many oppose her ways, a large number of people see it as a welcoming change. Take a look at when this badass Duchess decided that protocol wasn’t for her –

When she didn’t wear nude stockings for her engagement photocall

Royal protocol mandates that members of the royal family wear nude stockings with their skirts and dresses. However, Markle appeared hand in hand with her fiancé in an off-white trench coat with strappy, sans the nude stockings. Nevertheless, the Duchess looked as radiant as ever.

When she spent Christmas with the Queen

No Royal fiancé was ever invited to spend Christmas Day with the Family, but Markle was an exception. The Duchess spent Christmas with her prince and other members of the Royal Family at Sandringham, followed by a royal holiday luncheon, and even participated in gift exchanging. Wonder what she got the Queen!

When she walked down the aisle alone

Days before the Royal Wedding, Markle’s father made a controversial exit from the festivities citing that he had fallen ill. It was assumed that her mother would step in, but Markle choose to walk half the aisle alone, making a strong feminist statement. She was then escorted by Prince Charles for the remainder of her journey down the aisle.

When she chose an elderflower cake for her wedding

While the Royal Couple chose to forgo a number of traditions on their wedding day, the wedding cake is a big deal. Traditionally, all Royal Weddings serve British fruit cake ( a cake of choice for upper-class and aristocratic British families for generations) but the couple chose to feed their guests with an unconventional buttercream-covered lemon and elderflower cake.

When she greeted well-wishers with a hug

Something that has probably only been done by Princess Diana in the past, Markle isn’t afraid to go in for a warm embrace. Embracing wasn’t allowed for security reasons and also out of respect for the positions they hold. But that doesn’t seem to faze Markle, who is quite the favourite with Royal fans. She even signed a girl’s autograph book.

When she wasn’t afraid of some PDA

Although there is no official rule preventing Royal Couples from PDA, it is highly unlikely that you’d see some hand-holding from them. But Harry and Meghan are exceptions to that. The Duchess doesn’t shy away from showing the world her affection for her husband, neither is the Duke afraid to reciprocate it.

When her coat of arms did not include her family name

Members of the British Monarch each receive their personalized coat of arms. It is traditionally a symbolic gift given to the father of the bride before the wedding, which reflects her family. However, Markle’s coat of arms is bestowed only upon herself. However, it does pay homage to her roots, with two rays of sunshine depicting her home state of California.


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