How To Deal With 6 Basic Challenges For Pursuing Oasis Education

Studying Abroad

It is probably the Indian dream to pursue education abroad. Countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, etc. are a few common choices for those wishing to seek higher education oasis. The process of planning is rife with confusion and lack of information, and is a common problem faced by a lot of students. We bring you a list of 6 common problems faced by students planning their education abroad:


Funding their education is one of the common problems faced by the applicants. The fees of the universities are something not everyone can always afford. However, the good news is that various banks and educational institutes now provide student loans and scholarship programs. All the interested candidates looking for scholarships to fund part of their education can appear for scholarship exams which are conducted by the universities.

How to choose a good university?

International education is becoming increasingly popular, but there are a lot of fake universities that have been set up. Choosing a right university is one of the major confusions faced by the students. When planning to take up education abroad,  it is advisable to carry out a detailed study or research beforehand. One must also not forget to check the authenticity of the university and whether or not it is registered with the country’s education department or government. Since a lot of students may be willing to take up jobs after completing their education or even while studying, so it is also important to make sure that the university is providing with a work permit during the education and even post completing the education.

The right program

With a variety of programs being offered in all the streams of Science, Commerce, and Arts, all the aspirants tend to get confused and may even end up choosing a wrong program. A lot of time and money invested into getting in the right university and a particular program, and it is almost next to impossible to shift into a different program mid-semester. In this kind of situation, it is often advisable to carry out a proper research online on the university’s website or other informative sites that give out brief insight on each course. Friends or family members who have studied the same program in the past in a foreign university may also be suitable for people to take advice from. All the renowned universities also have career counsellors, who advise on the right course to take up based on the person’s interest and academic skills.


This is one of the primary concerns faced by those applying for oasis education. There are also a lot of false misconceptions associated with how costly the accommodation abroad is, and finding a place to stay under one’s budget may even be far from the university and the workplace etc., but these may not always be true. A lot of universities in countries like Canada and Australia provide dorm facilities or a host who may be willing to shelter the student during the part duration or the entire duration of the course.


Before finalising a University, it is important to make sure of a few things like the availability of transportation around the campus or part of the town where the university is located. Here is a list of a few questions which one has to address before calling the university “The one”:

  • How far is the university from the airport or the railway station?
  • How far are other cities from the university?
  • The access and availability of local public transport.

The answer to all of these questions may be available on the university catalogue or the website. Interacting with a known friend or family member who may have lived in the locality or country before may also be helpful.

Laws & Safety

Laws and safety are few of the most important things that are overlooked by a lot of students applying for oasis education. Each country has their own set of laws that their citizens and those living in the country on a work or study permit have to follow. The cases of shooting foreign tourists and assaulting them have been increasing at a pretty high rate. So it is necessary to ensure your safety before joining the university. All the female students must especially double check the safety standards and norms set by the university about eve-teasing, molestation, and ragging.




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