Is Your Voice Capable Of Producing Any Sound Under The Sun? You Might Make A Good Voice-Over Artist

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What would the evergreen movies like The Lion King and Jungle Book be like without the enchanting and smooth voice-overs? How plain would documentary films sound had the voice-over artists not poured in impactful tones in their voices? It would sound flat and dead right?

Yes! That is the beauty of voice-overs. They add an impactful touch to the visuals on screen. If voice-overs have always intrigued you, then you should probably consider pursuing a career as a voice-over artist.

So let us dig in and try to grasp what this career and profession beholds. 

A voice-over is the art of using one’s voice to sell, inform or entertain audiences across different media like radio and television. The professionals who lend their voice are known as voice-over artists.

A voice-over is a technique of narration and/or dubbing wherein the voice is modified to suit the accompanying visual or music. If you are considering a career as a voice-over artist, chances are that someone has told you that you should lend your voice to commercials. You must remember that while a good voice is an inborn trait, it does need to be trained much like an instrument that hasn’t been tuned but can yet be played. In the same way, potential voice-over artists need to train their voice to modulate it as per the requirement.

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Where are voice-over artists required?

The voice-over industry offers a vast sea of opportunities for professional artists. Production houses and media houses alike are always in search of new and fresh artists. As a trained artist, you will be providing your voice for video and radio programmes, documentaries, animations, jingles, presentations and phone software.

What kind of pay does a voice-over artist receive?

The salary of a voice-over artist depends on the length and popularity of the programme as well as the versatility of the artist. For instance, seasoned voice-over artists are paid as per their standing in the industry. Seasoned or not, a good voice-over artist can get paid anything between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 8,000 per recording; Rs. 15,000 for a documentary or corporate film and Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 75,000 for a single character in a well-budgeted film.

What are the important factors that need to be fulfilled before becoming a voice-over artist?

There are some important factors that need to be met before you can think of becoming a successful voice-over artist. Your natural musicality – rhythm and timing – are of importance when recording as is your diction. Voice training can either make or break your voiceover career. It’s thus advisable to sign up for a voice training course at a reputed institute or studio that offers part-time courses and workshops. For starters, practice reading out a copy from advertisements, record the same, and try to improve wherever you can. Work on your voice pitch, tone, and modulation. Practice is the key here.

As with any other career, passion acts as the fuel to propel you into the voice-over industry. A good deal of hard work is required too. Dedication and commitment play a vital role in the establishment of your voice-over career.

How to enter the media industry and get yourself a job?

Your ‘Demo CD’ will act as your calling card as it showcases your capabilities to those concerned. In order to get started, it’s important to find a good studio, one in which you feel comfortable recording. It’s also important that the studio specializes in voice-over production as they will know the demands of the industry as well as how to best emphasize your strengths.

Market your talent by hiring yourself an agent or getting yourself listed with an agency. This profession is highly competitive and you will constantly need to be in touch with the concerned people. Get yourself listed with online voice-over artist communities to get a better reach too.

Given below are few institutes from where you can receive professional training for the same:

  • RK Films & Media Academy, Delhi
  • Institute of Voice, Culture and Digital Dubbing Studio, Mumbai
  • In Sync Studios, Mumbai

So what are you waiting for? Go about pursuing a career in this field if you think you have it in you!


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