5 New Age Media Courses Which Will Help You Build Your Career

media courses
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There is a growing need for media professionals in every organization. As the world has become a global village, media is what connects us all together. It is a prime source of spreading information and communicating with the mass audience. New media is content made available using different forms of electronic communication. It includes audio and video streaming, chat-rooms, blogs, virtual reality, online portals, etc. Today there are multiple courses available which will help you to improve your skills which is necessary to survive in this media driven the world.


Previously photography was considered as a hobby but now it serves as a medium of conveying emotions and knowledge or sharing one’s experience in a single frame. Photography is an emerging profession. There are different genres within photography such as fashion, food, portraits, photojournalism, and documentary photography. You need to know the basics of photography and different ways of capturing the pictures according to your needs.

media courses
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Radio Jockey

Radio is a primary tool of mass media communication. It has the greatest reach that covers the rural and underdeveloped parts of the world as well. To become a radio jockey you require a great command over your language as well as the technology used by the radio stations. Since radio doesn’t include any visuals, the RJ must know how to grab the attention of the listener and communicate in a way that is understood by the audience easily.

media courses
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A blog is an informational website published on internet. It’s a space that connects people with similar interests. Blogging is important for businesses, government as well as free-lancers. Blogging for SEO is important because it reduces the bounce rate on your website which helps to get more traffic on the website. Blogging also helps search engine users to find the appropriate information and helps individual and companies to earn passive income. A good blogger knows how to use keywords and has a knowledge of SEO.

media courses
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Video Production

Video is a powerful tool of communication as it includes audio as well as visuals. We see videos in our day to day life in form of Ads, YouTube videos, Instagram TV, etc. Video Production is all the steps that take place while preparing a video i.e. Pre-production, production and post-production. It involves brain-storming ideas, preparing a budget, creating a script, shooting the video, editing and publishing it using any form of media.

media courses
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Web Content Development

Content development is the process of researching, gathering, writing and editing information that is to be published on the website. It includes creative work, such as copy writing or graphics, or technical work. A web content writer come up with ideas for advertisings, marketing campaigns, newsletters, videos as well as blogs. She/he has to have a knowledge about their target audience and develop ideas which will be relatable to them. A Youtuber’s ideas and content is what connects their viewers with them so it needs to be relatable and directed towards the viewers.

media courses
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Colleges and Universities:

  • Indian School of Media (Mumbai)
  • Access Creative College (United Kingdom)
  • Ryerson University (Canada)
  • India Institution of Mass Communication (New Delhi)
  • St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication (Mumbai)


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